Next Few Days Forecast: Thunderclaps, Snow, Gusts, and Even -10 Degrees

There is a vast low-pressure area that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to Scandinavia. Over the next few days, a fairly strong south-westerly current will circulate rainy areas as well as fairly mild maritime air from Brittany and the Bay of Biscay. It will rain regularly on Thursday morning, especially in the country’s interior, and … Read more

Gregor faces murder charges for repeatedly stabbing his daughter Daniela

On Sunday, the Mons prosecution, Tournai division, gave details about the femicide in Mouscron that occurred on Friday. Gregor Margaryan, a 54-year-old Armenian, was charged with murder and brought before the investigating magistrate. The victim, Daniela, 28, was his daughter, and the autopsy showed that she had been stabbed and hit with blunt objects. The … Read more

Luc Trullemans really doesn’t have any good news for the next few days…

The passage of an active depression over the Benelux will cause a very stormy sky this Friday morning with a few scattered showers which will become more and more numerous in the afternoon and evening with even showers of sleet or melted snow in the plains and snowfall above 300 to 400m in the Ardennes. … Read more

22-year-old boy placed under arrest warrant

This Thursday, around 3:15 p.m., shots were exchanged at the intersection of Nanon and Fours à Chaux streets, close to the ITN (Technical Institute of Namur), in Saint-Servais. Read also Shots in the Germinal city of Saint-Servais: “We assume it’s drug-related” (photos and video) The neighborhood was cordoned off immediately by the police, the buses … Read more

Following a fight in the Carré in Liège, and gunshots heard on the boulevard, the police discover several weapons in a car

Early Sunday morning, three individuals well known to the judicial authorities were deprived of their liberty in Liège. Indeed, the suspects had, a little earlier in the night, been involved in a fight which occurred in the Carré. Later, gunshots were heard around Boulevard d’Avroy. Facts which therefore led to the arrest of the three … Read more

here is his weather forecast for this weekend and the 12 strokes of midnight!

Are you out for New Years this Saturday night? Two tips: take your umbrella and be careful on the roads because the rain will be heavy. The only small consolation: at midnight, when we will switch to 2023, it will be dry in Brussels and a large part of Wallonia, while Flanders will be sprinkled … Read more