Shocking Child Abuse Case in Pepinster: Parents on Trial for Mistreatment and Sexual Misconduct

2023-10-06 13:00:09

A couple living in Pepinster appeared this Friday before the Verviers criminal court for acts of mistreatment of their five children, the oldest of whom was 11 years old at the time of the incident. The three eldest reported being deprived of food, receiving beatings and also denouncing sexual misconduct.

“The police, who intervened on the spot, described an indescribable mess. A sticky floor, cat excrement everywhere, flies, decomposing waste…” noted the prosecution.

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If the parents, aged around thirty, admitted that their apartment was “not very clean”, they contested the other prejudices.

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In their hearing, the children explained that they only ate once a day and received moldy bread for every meal that had been lying on the ground. They also report beatings received. Indications corroborated by witnesses, such as their host family, and a medical certificate.

Sexual antics in front of children

“The children also accurately describe scenes of hard drug use. They give practical details but also the smells of the products, which they cannot invent,” insisted the public prosecutor. The children would also have witnessed their parents’ sexual antics.

The defense contests these accusations and requested acquittal or, in the alternative, a suspended probationary period.

The court will deliver its judgment on November 3. The parents risk two years in prison.

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