Shocking Child Abuse Case in Pepinster: Parents on Trial for Mistreatment and Sexual Misconduct

2023-10-06 13:00:09 A couple living in Pepinster appeared this Friday before the Verviers criminal court for acts of mistreatment of their five children, the oldest of whom was 11 years old at the time of the incident. The three eldest reported being deprived of food, receiving beatings and also denouncing sexual misconduct. “The police, who … Read more

Melissa Gilbert Reflects on Life-Changing Role in ‘Little House on the Prairie’ and Her Thoughts on Michael Landon: Exclusive Interview

2023-08-02 11:01:09 Forty years after lending her features to Laura Ingalls, the actress, who will celebrate her 60th birthday next year, looks back on the series that changed her life. Screenshot « I read everything they wrote, and I regret that the media only retained the negative of our Memoirs. Frank but gentle, Melissa Gilbert … Read more

Tragic Hotel Fire in Antalya, Turkey: Two Lives Lost and Emergency Response Criticized

2023-07-22 19:47:48 On the night of Friday to Saturday, a major fire broke out in a hotel located in Antalya, Turkey. Two people lost their lives and twelve others were injured. Kaylee and Quiten, two Belgians, were in this hotel at the time of the tragedy: “ It was chaos everywhere. One person even jumped … Read more

Kerch plagued with excessive honey advertisements – Find out why

2023-06-10 12:14:04 In Kerch, lighting poles, road signs, apartment buildings, poles and sidewalks were plastered with honey advertisements. Ads appeared both in the center and on Smorzhevsky– transmits Kerch.FM. It is worth noting that was posted everywhere near the supermarket on Smorzhevsky. “What kind of nightmare is this in our area? Why isn’t the administration … Read more