an artificial intelligence sows chaos at McDonald’s (videos)

If artificial intelligences can sometimes be very impressive, they also have flaws. American McDonald’s restaurants witnessed this recently, during a test phase in several cities. of videos According to information from Geeko magazine, restaurants have tested the integration of artificial intelligence that receives orders in McDrive. The objective: to dispense with staff or put them … Read more

An investigation condemns UEFA for the chaos of the Champions League final

The European Football Association (UEFA) investigation blamed the chaos that occurred before the 2022 European Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid and revealed “many fatal mistakes that almost led to a disaster.” UEFA apologized to Liverpool for initially blaming its fans for the chaos, following the disclosure of the results of an independent … Read more

the details of the celebration and the guests of honor

The captain of the Argentine National Team arrived with his wife Antonela Roccuzzo and their children aboard their vehicle, but could not avoid the overflow of fans. The particular invitations they delivered. After getting into the great history of the Argentine National Team, Messi enjoys a well-deserved vacation in Rosario with his family, but you … Read more

The strongest storm in decades threatens Christmas in the United States

Rainfall, thousands of canceled flights and temperatures of 40 degrees below zero. They warn of a “bomb cyclone”. A powerful winter storm already affects a large part of USA and creates chaos just as tens of millions of Americans travel for the holidays. The storm, which is forecast to last throughout the weekend, has already … Read more

“Chaos” in health care for undocumented migrants

“The whole situation is difficult enough for us to neither have medical assistance“says María, who emigrated from Venezuela in search of a better life. She has lived in Spain for five years and, when she arrived, she did not expect that access to healthcare would be a problem linked to the search for work, the … Read more

Pandemonium in Parliament and harsh criticism.. Terrace challenges “Baqiah” and this is what happened in the accountability session (video)

With boos and a barrage of criticism, British Prime Minister Liz Terrace opened her government’s questioning session in Parliament on Wednesday. This time, however, the conservative politics also strongly resisted criticism and ridicule, especially from the leader of the opposition Labor Party, Keir Starmer. In contrast to her famous speech last week in which she … Read more