Toxic Relationship Ends in Tragic Death: The Shocking Story of Danny and Tacha

2023-09-10 08:35:00

This was not the first argument between Danny (57 years old) and his partner Tacha (51 years old). The one on Friday evening was unfortunately one too many, the one which led to the death of the fifty-year-old. “For as long as I can remember, this relationship has been extremely toxic. The arguments really got out of control, it wasn’t normal,” he told Latest news Danny’s eldest daughter (34 years old), from a previous union.

Together for more than 20 years, the couple faced regular altercations which even led the police to intervene last month. “They could have killed each other. She threatened to do so several times. About three weeks ago it happened again,” the girl said. It was ultimately his half-brother who had to intervene to separate the man and his wife.

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But tempers were still tense. “She suspected him of being with another woman while he was at work. » During the night from Friday to Saturday, the police had to intervene in their house in Deerlijk, in West Flanders. Danny was dead. It was through a nighttime call from her half-sister that the thirty-year-old learned the news. “She told me in a particularly calm manner: ‘My sister, dad is dead’ (…) I couldn’t believe it because an hour earlier, my father had liked a photo that I had posted… »

Suspicious death

What happened in the family home? The investigation has yet to determine this, but the autopsy showed that Danny’s death was the result of a confrontation. A suspicious death for which Tacha, her adult son and daughter, were arrested and questioned. They will be presented before an investigating judge who will decide whether they will continue to be detained.

For Danny’s eldest daughter, it’s a shock. His half-brother had explained to him that his father had not been well for several days during the night call. “But I saw him that week and he didn’t say anything to me. » It was when help for victims arrived at her home that she discovered the horror. “They told me about a suspicious death. I no longer know who or what to believe. I lost my dad and that adds up…”

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