Mississippi ‘Goon Squad’ Officer Sentenced to 27 Years in Prison for Racial Attack – 2024-03-21 23:28:08

A former member of the “Goon Squad” in Mississippi, along with his partner, was sentenced to 27 years in prison for the torture of two black men(people) A former member of Mississippi’s “Goon Squad” and his partner were sentenced to 27 years in prison for torturing two black men. Goon Squad, Mississippi, Racial Torture, Prison, … Read more

Trump and Biden reach the necessary delegates for the presidential nomination | USA Elections

It’s almost official now. The current president, Joe Biden, has an appointment to repeat the duel for the presidency against Donald Trump in November, with the roles changed compared to 2020, since Biden is now the president and Trump is in the opposition. The two have secured this Tuesday the absolute majority of the delegates … Read more

Mississippi’s Medicaid Plan Approval: Boosting Financial Help for Struggling Hospitals

2023-12-13 20:00:33 Michael Goldberg  |  Associated Press The federal government has approved the first part of Mississippi’s plan to help some of the state’s financially strapped hospitals receive more Medicaid money, Gov. Tate Reeves said Wednesday. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services approved part of the proposal Reeves released in September, in which hospitals … Read more

College Basketball 2023-24 Season: Power Rankings, Matchups, and News

2023-11-21 13:00:47 Feast Week is upon us, which means some high-profile nonconference matchups in men’s college basketball. The majority of Big East programs have been or will be on the road taking part in Thanksgiving invitational events. Marquette, Connecticut and Providence were the beneficiaries of such trips. Creighton, Villanova and Seton Hall will have their chance this week. St. … Read more

OU Men’s Basketball: Latest Updates, Recaps, Power Rankings & More

2023-11-11 22:49:11 OU men’s basketball coach Porter Moser talks about Sooners’ win vs. Central Michigan OU men’s basketball coach Porter Moser talks about Sooners’ win vs. Central Michigan Even the Big 12, arguably the nation’s top men’s basketball conference, was susceptible to mid-major upsets in the opening week of the season. Oklahoma State had the … Read more

Average Weekly Travel Nurse Pay in October: State Rankings and Trends | Vivian Health Report

2023-11-02 16:49:21 The average weekly travel nurse pay in October in the U.S. was $2,422.52, a decrease of 0.33% from the previous month and a 9.58% decrease from the same month in 2022, according to a report from Vivian Healtha national healthcare hiring marketplace. Mississippi saw the sharpest month-over-month decrease, followed by Delaware, and South … Read more

Exploring the Mighty Mississippi: A Journey through History, Music, and Culture

2023-09-27 09:18:17 Deep in the southern United States, on the outskirts of the small town of Clarksdale, John Ruskey climbs into a canoe and paddles out onto the “father of all rivers,” as they say here. To that murky stream to which America owes so much: power, wealth, world literature, the blues. The water helped … Read more

The Impact of Physical Geography on the Civil War: A Comprehensive Analysis

2010-11-16 08:00:00 On the eve of the Civil WarTHE UNITED STATES form a very large country, which would soon become a vast battlefield. The physical geography of the country would closely condition the course of military operations as well as the strategies of both camps. The same would apply to its population, as well as … Read more