Car gets stuck in snow as heavy hail hits west of Tabuk: Al Marsad Newspaper reports.

Al-Marsad Newspaper reported a video clip that showed heavy hail in Tabuk, causing a car to get stuck. In the video, one person commented on the thickness of the hailstorm, which occurred on the third day of Ramadan. Another video showed the mountains covered in snow and a person walking on a completely white road. … Read more

In the video, the storm, Farah, covers the white mountains of Lebanon … and snow at an altitude of 500 meters

This morning, Wednesday, snow continued to fall in all the villages and towns of Bcharre district, starting from the town of Turza at an altitude of 500 meters to the Cedars, where the snow accumulated and its thickness in the villages of Hadath Al-Jubba to the town of Hadchit reached about 80 centimeters, while in … Read more

A Lebanese documenting the green spaces on the mountains of Saudi Arabia • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A Lebanese documented a video clip in which he expressed his surprise at the greenness of the mountains in the Kingdom. And he said during the video: “Saudi Arabia is green. And he continued: “God willing, by God, I am happy, my brother. I feel lost, the first time I see these scenes.” … Read more

The long journey to strengthen rural medicine, from the Argentine plain to the mountains of Laciana in Leon

“Why Villablino, if it’s cold and far away?” says Rocío Álvarez, who has been asked by different people all these past days. Due to her determination to work as a doctor in the Laciana region of Leon. “Because I know it, I have family roots in the area, it’s not so far away and it’s … Read more

What is it and how does the natural phenomenon arise?

During alpenglow, the peaks in the high mountains are illuminated with a visually impressive red light at sunset and sunrise. Alpenglow is a special mood of light that occurs at sunset and sunrise in the Alps and in others high mountains occurs. Alpenglow describes two distinct natural optical phenomena, referred to as first coloration and … Read more

Watch .. the moment the missing agate was found in one of the mountains of Wadi Al-Lihyan in Al-Baha

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Support Society for Search, Rescue and Relief announced that it had found the missing Aqeeq Saleh Muhammad Omeish Al-Ghamdi after sunset yesterday, Tuesday, in one of the Wadi Al-Lihyan mountains on Al-Baha Al-Aqiq Airport Road. A relative of the missing confirmed that he was found in a reassuring health condition. The missing person … Read more