Ayuso’s PP opposes for the eighth time investigating the drama of the residences or studying how to improve the centers | Madrid News

The PP of Isabel Díaz Ayuso has opposed this Monday, for the eighth time since June 2021, the investigation in the Assembly of the drama of deaths in residences during the coronavirus pandemic or a debate on how to improve the functioning of these institutions. The conservatives have joined Vox in rejecting the creation of … Read more

Mississippi’s Medicaid Plan Approval: Boosting Financial Help for Struggling Hospitals

2023-12-13 20:00:33 Michael Goldberg  |  Associated Press The federal government has approved the first part of Mississippi’s plan to help some of the state’s financially strapped hospitals receive more Medicaid money, Gov. Tate Reeves said Wednesday. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services approved part of the proposal Reeves released in September, in which hospitals … Read more

Alert: The French Association of Addictovigilance Centers Warns About Nitazenes – High Risk of Overdose

2023-12-11 18:40:25 The French Association of Addictovigilance Centers alerts professionals about nitazenes. The cause is the high risk of overdose linked to these new synthetic opioids which have recently appeared in France. Several serious poisonings have notably been reported in Occitanie and in the meeting. Up to 500 times more powerful than morphine. An investigation … Read more

European Green Light for GSK’s Jemperli – A New Hope for Endometrial Cancer Treatment

2023-12-11 14:44:49 The British pharmaceutical laboratory GSK announced on Monday that it had received the European green light to market its Jemperli treatment. The latter is used to treat patients with endometrial cancer in combination with chemotherapy. It was already available in France since October as part of a so-called early access procedure. An announcement … Read more

The Impact of PFAS Chemical Compounds on Health and the Environment: A Comprehensive Analysis

2023-12-03 08:12:07 Published on December 3, 2023 at 09:12. Chemical compounds from industry, PFAS are eternal pollutants, harmful to human health. While Switzerland is slow to establish standards, particularly with regard to drinking water or food, The weather decided to devote a complete file to them. Wherever we look for them, we find them. PFAS … Read more

Understanding and Managing Myopia: Solutions for Children and Adults

2023-11-26 10:50:09 Myopia affects four out of ten people in the world today. The cause is our overly sedentary and overly connected lifestyles. However, there are ways to slow down this deterioration of vision, which particularly affects children. Seeing a clear panel up close and a blurry facade from afar is the daily life of … Read more

The Effectiveness of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for Depression: Research Results and Evaluation Scales

2023-11-21 20:30:00 Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), which is attracting attention as a non-invasive treatment for depression, is emerging as a major option as evidence continues to build. As real-world data continues to accumulate, it is becoming a major treatment strategy. However, experts believe that a variety of evaluation scales should be used as the treatment … Read more

BA.2.86 Variant: Emergence, Characteristics, and Impact – Latest Updates 2023

2023-11-20 20:01:52 The BA.2.86 variant, which continues to progress in France, could soon become the majority. According to the health authorities, it now represents at least 13% of recorded cases. An increase primarily driven by one of the six sub-lineages: JN .1. A few weeks before winter and the end-of-year holidays, should we fear a … Read more