“Uncovering Stories of Family Celebrations Gone Wrong: A Must-Read Content for Awareness”

2023-05-27 07:14:07 Family celebrations, the moment when those present are supposed to have a memorable or even unforgettable moment. The time to immortalize the event thanks to different photos or videos, this finally makes it an imperishable moment. But for some, moments of celebration can turn into moments of nightmare. Camille (assumed name) is ready … Read more

“Russia’s Plans to Abolish Visa Regime with Islamic World and Asian Countries: Latest Updates and News”

2023-05-18 20:40:58 Russia is working on abolishing the visa regime with a number of countries in the Islamic world, Russian Presidential Special Envoy for the Middle East and Africa and Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Mikhail said on Thursday. Bogdanov. “A work is in progress. Overall, our intention is to abolish the visa regime. It is … Read more

“Stay Ahead of the Weather with Latest Updates on Air Depression in the Eastern Mediterranean”

2023-05-13 08:15:17 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The weather expert, Hassan Karani, announced the formation of an air depression in the eastern Mediterranean, gradually moving towards the east. moderate air “Karani” said in a tweet via his official account on the social networking site “Twitter”: Saturday morning, it will be located north of the northern borders, and it … Read more

“Chinese Tourists Leave Airbnb Owner With 1,418 Euro Bill for Revenge-Nightmare Stay”

2023-04-23 17:14:00 His bill amounts to 1,418 euros. He has to pay this sum because two Chinese tourists left the taps open and the lights on for 25 days, local media reports quoted by The Independent. The reason for this act? The couple allegedly took “revenge” because they were not allowed to cancel their booking … Read more

Watch… a shopkeeper in Britain reacted to two thieves who tried to steal valuable perfumes

translation exclusiveA shopkeeper confronted two “thieves” who were trying to steal perfumes worth about £1,000 from a shop in Britain. Security cameras show two men entering a perfume store and pretending to start browsing the shelves – before starting to stack the expensive products in the bags. According to the Daily Mail. The video showed … Read more

The first reaction from the youth administration towards Al-Mawlid after he was suspended for doping

Al-Marsad Sports: Press sources revealed today, Sunday, a surprise about the decisions of the youth club management headed by Khaled Al-Baltan, with the player Fahd Al-Mawlid, after the decision of the Anti-Doping Committee. The sources indicated, according to “Okaz”, that Al-Muwallad will undergo a rehabilitation program in a European country during the coming period, provided … Read more