“Uncovering the Controversy of Michelle Hajal’s Burial: A Story of Hope, Faith, and Mystery”

2023-05-21 19:32:19 A large number of social media pioneers were preoccupied with the news of “opening the burial of the young Michelle Hajal,” who died after a long struggle with cancer in 2019. During her illness, Michelle turned into an influential face that carried messages of hope for victory over the disease, and she enjoyed … Read more

“Sports Observatory: The Mysterious Tweet by Al-Taei President Turki Al-Dabaan Before Al-Nassr Match”

2023-05-14 07:36:00 Sports Observatory: Al-Taei President Turki Al-Dabaan sparked controversy with a mysterious tweet before the Al-Nassr match, the meaning of which was not revealed. Al-Dhaban wrote on his Twitter account a tweet that read: “In my mouth water,” and then put more than one question mark ?, days before an expected meeting that would … Read more

“Controversial Statements on Women by Tik-Tok Celebrity Saud Al-Qahtani: The Debate Heat Up”

2023-05-13 13:14:39 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Tik-Tok celebrity Saud Al-Qahtani sparked a state of controversy because of his statements about women chosen and preferred by men. And he said during a video clip: “What men want is good.. But if a woman is cursed and cursed, and she feels that she understands the world correctly, she can … Read more

“Psychologically Disturbed Young Man Terrifies People in Tanta, Egypt – Al-Marsad Newspaper”

2023-04-22 21:36:23 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A young man stripped of his upper clothes and holding a wooden stick in his hand terrified people in the city of Tanta in Gharbia Governorate in Egypt. The security authorities were informed that a naked young man without clothes with a wooden stick in his hand raised terror among the … Read more

Because of 50 dollars.. The death of a newborn at the door of a hospital causes an uproar in Egypt • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The incident of an Egyptian governmental hospital in Cairo governorate refusing to receive a pregnant woman who wanted to give birth without paying the required amount sparked widespread controversy after the death of her fetus. The details of the incident come back after Masri filed an official police report against the management of … Read more

Watch.. The sudden appearance of a young man after a motorcycle crash with a parked car raises controversy

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The sudden appearance of a young Colombian, following a motorcycle collision with a parked car, sparked controversy on social media. A circulating clip showed the moment a motorcycle crashed into a parked car on a street in Bucaramanga, Colombia. During the video, the car moved from its place due to the force of … Read more