CERN scientists search for mysterious ghostly particles

This idea itself is not new, but now scientists seem to have found a way to test their theory experimentally. The leadership of the European Center for Particle Research (CERN) has approved an experiment that will help prove the existence of such “ghosts”. The device that allows this experiment to be carried out is more … Read more

Uncovering the Mysterious Disease Paralyzing Female Students in Kenya: Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-10-05 01:07:46 Al-Marsad newspaper: A mysterious disease spread among female students in Kenya, making the girl paralyzed and unable to move. A state of hysteria spread in one of the schools after 95 female students were paralyzed in their lower limbs without knowing the cause, while the Kenyan Ministry of Health opened an urgent investigation. … Read more

Deadly Disease Outbreak in Bouake: 7 Dead, 59 Hospitalized – Get the Latest Updates

2023-09-19 03:45:00 A mysterious disease caused the death of seven people and 59 others were transferred to a hospital in the city of Bouake in central Ivory Coast, according to what medical and local sources reported to Agence France-Presse on Monday. A source at the University Hospital in Bouake said that seven people have died … Read more

Controversial Tweet by Sports Journalist Walid Al-Faraj about Al-Ittihad Club Sparks Debate and Speculation

2023-08-22 22:03:16 Sports Observatory: Sports journalist Walid Al-Faraj sparked controversy among followers by tweeting about Al-Ittihad Club. Al-Faraj wrote through his official account on the X platform: I think the time for good news has come in the union, beautiful days to come, perhaps 72 hours. Watam: May God make every difficulty easy. I think … Read more

Mystery of the Sunday Evening Incident in Brustem: Exclusive Videos and Investigation Updates

2023-08-14 06:03:52 What happened this Sunday evening in Brustem? This question, police and rescue are still asking. In this town located near Saint-Trond, the inhabitants sounded the alert at the end of the evening following the discovery of a body in the middle of the street. If paramedics and doctors quickly arrived on the spot, … Read more