a Belgian couple discovers that they have to pay… for a service they have never used!

Sudinfo When Glenn and his wife moved into rue Opper in Nieuwerkerken in Limburg five years ago, their house had not one number but two. “The house was at number 197, the driveway was at number 199,” Glenn told our colleagues at HBVL. of videos The municipality then asked the couple to register at number … Read more

Following a fight in the Carré in Liège, and gunshots heard on the boulevard, the police discover several weapons in a car

Early Sunday morning, three individuals well known to the judicial authorities were deprived of their liberty in Liège. Indeed, the suspects had, a little earlier in the night, been involved in a fight which occurred in the Carré. Later, gunshots were heard around Boulevard d’Avroy. Facts which therefore led to the arrest of the three … Read more

Woken up by the police in the middle of the night, Julien discovers his decommissioned car in Dison: “It’s recurrent here”

In the list of alarm clocks that we would never like to know, that of Julien Schmitz is in a good position. “This Monday, around 4 am, the police woke me up and got me out of bed to tell me that my car was downgraded. “We have already known better. J.S. The car of … Read more

NASA discovers Earth-like planet in an area conducive to living organisms

On January 11, 2023, astronomers “NASA” discovered “planet” A new exoplanet named TOI-700 e is similar in size toword Orbit in a habitable zone in a system of small rocky planets similar to our own solar system. With data from the TESS space telescope, this marks the second rocky planet discovered in the habitable zone … Read more

Bordeaux-Rennes: the probable 11 of the Girondins against Stade Rennais

07/01 – 10:26 | 10 hours ago Discover the probable 11 of the Girondins against Rennes in the 32nd final of the Coupe de France. © Iconsport Absent barbet Yoann Barbet is at rest or more depending on the evolution of his knee injury (read here). Poussin and Delaurier-Chaubet are suspended. Sissokho is injured. The … Read more

Francine discovers with amazement having paid 30 euros per month for 20 years… for nothing: “It is absolutely scandalous!”

Francine Guilbert recently suffered two consecutive strokes. Former service woman at the town hall of Wattignies, the octogenarian has contributed to funeral insurance for nearly 20 years with MBTP, his mutual, in order to financially secure his funeral. To date, in the event of death, the amount of his funeral expenses guarantee amounts to just … Read more