Food Reheating Risks: What To Avoid to Prevent Toxins

2023-12-03 19:41:29 When some foods are reheated, they can release toxins due to microbiological and chemical processes that occur during storage and heating. A common example is rice, which can harbor spores of Bacillus cereus, a bacteria that produces heat-resistant toxins. (Keep reading: Foods that can help reduce inflammation) By reheating rice, these spores can … Read more

Detecting Cancer: Bathroom Symptoms to Look Out For

2023-11-30 01:14:43 The National Cancer Institute of the United States mentions that cancer is an invasive disease that affects millions of people around the world. Likewise, he has indicated that there are several factors that are associated with the development of this disease in different parts of the body. These cancer cells can invade and … Read more

Uncovering the Mysterious Disease Paralyzing Female Students in Kenya: Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-10-05 01:07:46 Al-Marsad newspaper: A mysterious disease spread among female students in Kenya, making the girl paralyzed and unable to move. A state of hysteria spread in one of the schools after 95 female students were paralyzed in their lower limbs without knowing the cause, while the Kenyan Ministry of Health opened an urgent investigation. … Read more

Sainz, euphoric: “Ferrari and the whole of Italy can be proud”

2023-09-17 15:09:05 17/09/2023 Act. a las 17:03 CEST “It has been an incredible weekend. I have been under pressure, but with the feeling of having it under control,” says Carlos after his victory in Singapore Carlos Sainz He has won a triumph of intelligence and determination in Singapore, where he has had his best performance … Read more

Recognizing Pre-Infarct Symptoms: Understanding Angina and Heart Attack Warning Signs

2023-07-21 23:08:14 Pre-infarct is a term used synonymously with a condition called angina. This can be stable or unstable, the latter being more serious, since it can be the prelude to a heart attack. Although it is considered a less dangerous condition, it is a sign of a malfunction in the heart and if something … Read more

Urgent Call: Unlocking the Entry of Imported Medical Supplies – Health Chambers Seek Government Meeting

2023-07-19 22:30:41 The health chambers ask to meet with the Government to unlock the entry of material. Medical care in the country became a headache for patients. Between the difficulties to get turns and the increases in prepaid, now a new problem has been added: the lack of imported inputs that paralyzes surgeries and transplants. … Read more

start time and what steps can be taken prior to purchase

This Thursday, the platform for the sale of tickets for the friendly on Thursday, March 23 at the Monumental stadium will be enabled. Everything you need to know. Everything has a price, beyond the slogan of the famous credit card. And at this time, what is under discussion is, precisely, the value of the tickets … Read more

the president of FIFA proposed that there be a “Maradona Day” in each World Cup

The Brazilian coach highlighted the attitude of the megastar of his team, who was injured with a sprained ankle, and assured that he will play again in this World Cup. “Precisely in relation to Neymar I want to make a technical observation. He stayed on the field feeling pain in his ankle because the team … Read more