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This Thursday, the platform for the sale of tickets for the friendly on Thursday, March 23 at the Monumental stadium will be enabled. Everything you need to know.

Everything has a price, beyond the slogan of the famous credit card. And at this time, what is under discussion is, precisely, the value of the tickets for the game of the Argentine National Team against Panama. This Thursday, starting at 2:00 p.m.are put up for sale through Deporticka portal that has been working with the AFA for a long time and is owned by the theater manager Javier Faroniformer deputy and kidney man from Sergio Massa, anointed as director of Aerolíneas Argentinas at the beginning of the Government of Alberto Fernández. He resigned from the position last year.

The prices set by the AFA, announced 24 hours before on its website, range between 12,000 and 49,000 pesos. And it was further clarified that Only children under 3 years of age will not pay the ticket.

What is the process for buying the ticket? Interested parties must create a user on the platform Deportickwhich is also used by the AFA to sell access to La Rural for the World Cup tour, which will be exhibited in Palermo from April 1.

From there, they will have to cross their fingers, since the Monumental has a capacity for 83,214 spectators and not only the demand will exceed the offer. Not all the seats will be put up for sale as a result of agreements with companies, sponsors, protocol and even player requirements. As far as he could find out Clarionsome would have even asked 100 entries for family and friends.

There is a detail, because not only money is needed, those who are lucky enough to get entry into the online system You will receive an email with a QR code and then, with that voucher, they will have to appear in person at the River stadium window, according to the sector acquired, to collect the physical ticket. Yes, in times of Artificial Intelligence, a procedure from the last century will have to be carried out.

The prices of the popular ones were a topic of discussion on social networks. In exchange for the blue dollar, they have a value of 30 dollars. Who determines what is expensive or cheap? The pocket and the perception of each individual, is clear. If one takes into account the context of a country in crisis and the salaries torn apart by an interannual inflation of 102.5% that does not stop, they are unattainable for the majority, especially for a family group. It is an international friendly, with the seasoning that Argentina is world champion. In that sense, may be reasonable to see Messi and company in action.

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