“The 39 Steps” are coming to Patras on May 10, 11 and 12 – 2024-04-26 05:42:34

“The 39 Steps”, an attractive espionage thriller with a brave dose of comedy in the style of Monty Python, directed by Makis Papadimitriou, 10-11-12 May at the Pantheon theater in Patras This adaptation by Patrick Barlow, based on the 1915 novel by John Buchan and the 1935 film by Alfred Hitchcock, offers audiences a thrilling … Read more

Elon Musk said that Starship will grow to 150 meters

According to Musk, advances in the reusability of the Starship spacecraft will reduce the cost of each launch to $3 million – launches will cost three times less than the launch of the Falcon 1 rocket in 2004, if adjusted for inflation. Back then, one launch cost $5.9 million, which equates to about $9.5 million … Read more

Authentic Peruvian Sole Ceviche Recipe – Easy and Delicious

2023-12-12 20:51:00 INGREDIENTS: 400 g sole fillet, 1/2 tsp. chopped cilantro, 1 tsp. ground garlic, 1 tsp. red limo chili without veins or seeds, juice of 8 lemons, 2 feathered onions, 2 leaves of crespa lettuce, 1/2 yellow sweet potato, 1/4 shelled parboiled corn, salt. PREPARATION Divide the sole fillet into halves and discard the … Read more

América’s Qualification to 2023 Apertura Final Marred by Fan Violence at Azteca Stadium

2023-12-10 05:56:00 Despite América’s qualification to the 2023 Apertura Grand Final, violence was present in the stands of the Azteca Stadium among the fans of the azulcrema team. Videos of the fight between Águilas fans began to circulate on social networks, although the reason why the attacks began is unknown. The capital police interrupted the … Read more

5 Steps to Protect Your Heart from a Heart Attack – Expert Advice by Dr. Khaled Al-Nimr

2023-10-31 00:20:31 Al-Marsad newspaper: Dr. Khaled Al-Nimr, consultant and professor of cardiology and arterial catheterization, revealed 5 steps that protect you from a heart attack by 90%. Al-Nimr said in a tweet via his account on the “X” platform: The following steps protect you from a heart attack by 90%: 1-Daily exercise. 2- Not smoking. … Read more

Master the Art of Remembering: Discover the Genius Method to Save Information instantly!

2023-08-31 10:21:31 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Australian lifestyle doctor, Sarah Ruff, revealed a genius and magical method through which you can save your information. And Sarah shared a video clip through the “Tik Tok” application, for those who suffer from slow reception and memorization, revealing 4 steps that can make you save your information immediately. She … Read more

Steps for Heart Health: Daily Recommendations from Dr. Khaled Al-Nimr

2023-08-26 07:43:55 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Dr. Khaled Al-Nimr, a consultant and professor of cardiology and arterial catheterization, revealed the number of steps required daily to maintain heart health. Al-Nimr said on his Twitter account: “The more you take daily steps, the less heart disease will occur…and the minimum required is 2,500 steps per day. If you … Read more