Sainz, euphoric: “Ferrari and the whole of Italy can be proud”

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“It has been an incredible weekend. I have been under pressure, but with the feeling of having it under control,” says Carlos after his victory in Singapore

Carlos Sainz He has won a triumph of intelligence and determination in Singapore, where he has had his best performance ever in Formula 1. The Madrid driver has recognized his suffering to maintain his advantage, especially at the end of the race against the attack of the men from Mercedes, Russell and Hamilton, who had new tires while the Ferrari’s had collapsed.

“It has been an incredible weekend, I want to thank everyone at Ferrari, their effort has been tremendous to turn around our start to the season. Everything went perfectly for us today and it is a victory that I think both the team and all of Italy can be proud of,” he said. Carlos at the foot of the track.

“It was about limiting our weaknesses in degradation, setting objectives with each compound, but we had to stop earlier than expected for the safety car and spend more time than expected on the hard tire. I gave DRS to Lando (Norris) at final to protect myself from Russell, who was coming very strong. I slowed down a lot so as not to give George the chance and it turned out well for us,” the man from Madrid explained about his brilliant strategy.

“I felt that I had the peace of mind and the space to do what I wanted. I’m not going to deceive you, I was under pressure, knowing that any mistake could ruin everything, especially at the end with the Mercedes behind, but I was in control at all times. “I’m very happy,” he said.

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After chaining his second consecutive podium (3rd in Monza, 1st in Singapore) Sainz admits that “on a personal level it is an important moment. I have had two opportunities and I have taken advantage of both. The team has progressed and I have also known how to win low. pressure, both things make me proud and it is a satisfaction”, he concluded.

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