the most unusual symptoms and the explanation of why they happen

By this point in the long run of the pandemic, many people are familiar with the telltale symptoms of a Covid-19 infection: excruciating sore throat, terrible cough, congestion, fever, and whole-body exhaustion. But a small subgroup of people also experience less common symptoms, which can seem like curses from a children’s story: hairy tongue, purple … Read more

Four reasons why there are fewer and fewer pediatricians and an alarming prognosis

The health system is in crisis. Not only due to lack of budget or resources. There are fewer and fewer doctors. And that is a serious problem for the future. There are specialists who warn that if this is not reversed in time there will not be enough staff to care for patients. “It is … Read more

Indigenous protest in Bogotá: dramatic account of the attack on a patrol boat – Bogotá

“They attacked me, they pulled my hair.” Thus began the dramatic story of the patrolwoman Íngrid Yaneth García, who was one of the victims of the Violent attack by the Emberá indigenous people on police officers and coexistence managers in the center of Bogotá. (Also read: Indigenous protest in Bogotá: this was the attack on … Read more

The Crimean bridge has been obscured – Newspaper Kommersant No. 188 (7389) dated 10/11/2022

Work to restore traffic on the Crimean bridge continues. Trains run on the same track in the usual schedule, the movement of cars in both directions is organized along the undamaged auto lane. Freight traffic is promised to be restored from October 16, but for now the trucks arrive in Crimea by ferry: two of … Read more

The Kremlin: The OPEC + decision to reduce oil production aims to stabilize the market

(MENAFN– Al Wakeel News) News agent – The Kremlin spokesman said today, Thursday, that the decision of the OPEC + group of major oil producers to reduce production by two million barrels per day aims to stabilize the market.Spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated that by agreeing to the production cut, OPEC + confirmed its credibility as … Read more