Clean water and 16 microwatts: filter membrane also generates electricity

Ahead of the United Nations Water Conference, which runs until Friday, a study warned that the shortage of drinking water around the world is increasing. The nations are a long way from the sustainability goal of ensuring everyone has access to clean water by 2030. In addition to a more economical and careful use of … Read more

TikTok popular filter also uses AI! The effect sticks to the face tightly, and it will not interfere with waving hands- INSIDE

TikTok recently launched an AI beauty filter called “Bold Glamor”, which has quickly become popular on the platform in the past few weeks. More than 9 million videos using the filter have appeared on TikTok. Bold Glamor can make the user’s face more three-dimensional, eyebrows symmetrical, and lips thickened. The biggest difference between it and … Read more

“I know I’m crazy” • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Hind Al-Qahtani posted a video clip through her personal account on the Snapchat application, in which she responded to the ridicule of her features without a filter, and challenged those who mocked her to appear in the front camera without a filter. The sons of Hind Al-Qahtani intervened to defend her, and the … Read more

Absolutely clean, space-saving and smart

ÖkoFEN, a specialist for pellet heating systems, is presenting 23 top innovations at the WeBuild energy saving trade fair in Wels Hall 20, Stand C310. The company relies on absolutely clean, independent and efficient heating with pellets.For the first time, a ZeroFlame pellet boiler from ÖkoFEN will be presented live in operation at the trade … Read more

They leak the Mortal Kombat 2 code and discarded brutal fatalities come to light

To the saga of Mortal Kombat It is characterized, mainly, by having some of the most brutal combos that fighting games have ever offered. Although what we see in the final game is amazing, the truth is that other animations that could have worked even better are always discarded. The code of the Mortal Kombat … Read more

IlloJuan filters the end date of Karmaland 5

the fifth season of Karmaland it has been one of the most outstanding series of streamers of the year. And it is that the popular Minecraft server has left great moments throughout all these months. Nevertheless, its end is getting closer. This is something that some members of the series had already commented as Willyrexalthough, … Read more