ENFIA 2024: The new rules, discounts, exemptions and installments – 2024-07-06 11:03:11

The time of ENFIA is approaching. Over 7 million property owners will see the new ‘bill’ by early April. This year the tax payment will be made in 11 monthly installments with the first to be paid by April 30, 2024 and the last by February 28, 2025. Most taxpayers will find that they will … Read more

The reimbursement deadline for many who desire a full tax refund expires – 2024-06-20 21:20:46

Finish of yr tomorrow Friday April 19 for the reimbursement of ENFIA from taxpayers (residents and companies) who need to acquire the complete tax refund they’re entitled to, earlier than the subsequent one “runs” mass netting by the Impartial Public Income Authority (AADE). The tax authority “frozen” for about ten days the offsetting of tax … Read more

The contemporary clothes choices present in Caracas (+Costs)

Because of the intense warmth and the nation scenario, persons are on the lookout for options for sports activities, contemporary and, above all, economical clothes. 2001 visited some shops to study in regards to the choices in gentle clothes, costs and what individuals put on probably the most. The supervisor of a stall on the … Read more

Establishing a quantum internet via optical fiber: A step towards the practical use of quantum computers

2024-04-25 23:06:00 Several quantum computers have already been built. They have done some calculations and are said to have already produced some fascinating results. Although there are critical voices that deny quantum computers practical use or at least question the time and resources needed to research them, the theory is promising. A few hundred qubits … Read more

“If he wants to emerge, we’re waiting for him on Rap Star” – 2024-04-22 20:39:34

Light made statements and mentioned the new project he will undertake, “Rap Star”. The trapper spoke to the television cameras and an excerpt of his statements was shown on the “Smile Again” show. “Rap Star is a project we’ve been talking about for years. My girlfriend, Anna, will be the host. I suggested her because … Read more

We’re shedding light on the wiretapping case as promised – 2024-04-08 18:18:17

The three-day conference of PASP AEI Patras started this afternoon in the Hall of the Trade Association with speakers three candidate MEPs who are ready to throw themselves into the battle of the ballot box on Sunday, June 9. The work of the conference was started by the secretary of the party, Andreas Spyropoulos, followed … Read more