An Egyptian artist raises controversy while donating to the people of stricken Gaza – Al-Marsad newspaper

2023-11-07 14:27:26

Al-Marsad newspaper: Egyptian artist Bassem Samra sparked a state of controversy after he appeared in a video donating a sum of money to the Red Crescent, to support Palestine, from inside the filming location of the movie Legal Shoulder.

Bassem Samra appeared in a video published by the artist Hala Sedqi, through her personal account on the “Instagram” website, as he counted a sum of money “one thousand pounds” and put it in the donation box, then returned the rest of the amount to his pocket.

The video sparked controversy on social media: “A follower commented, saying: ‘What is he doing in the name of Samra? He is dripping with joy.’”

Another said: “I am burned in blood because of the thousand pounds that Bassem Samra bought, meaning this whole night and in the end a thousand pounds.”

A tweeter added: “I see that Bassem Samra responded to a call for donations… What is the problem… with my best wishes to anyone who is able to do what they can.”

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