The Troubled Links Between Vlaams Belang and Foreign Influences: The Case of Frank Creyelman

2023-12-15 08:35:00 Daniel Woo, an agent for China’s Ministry of State Security spy agency, allegedly put pressure on Frank Creyelman. Repression by China of democracy in Hong Kong or even persecution of the Uighurs, the Belgian politician was to influence discussions on these subjects within European institutions. At the end of 2022, Frank Creyelman received … Read more

Watch…the appearance of Moroccan media personality Sophia Saidi at the Red Sea Film Festival in Jeddah

2023-12-05 22:02:49 Al-Marsad newspaper: A group of photos documented the latest appearance of Moroccan journalist Sofia Saidi on the red carpet for the screening of the films Dammi and Origin, within the activities of the Red Sea Film Festival in Jeddah. The photos showed Sofia wearing a green dress, and she relied on makeup and … Read more

Watch..the appearance of international model “Mahalaka Jabri” at the Red Sea Festival in Jeddah

2023-11-30 21:26:15 Al-Marsad newspaper: A video clip documented the latest appearance of international model Mahlaqa Jabri while she was attending the Red Sea International Film Festival, which is being held in Jeddah, amid a huge media and artistic presence. Mahlaqa Jabri appeared with a wonderful look, as she wore a satin dress with a short … Read more

Queen Hwanda dazzles the audience…a red look shows her femininity

2023-11-16 07:44:24 The Queen of the Netherlands, Queen Máxima, chose a very attractive look in fiery red, in order to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the founding of a charity that aims to rid the Netherlands of debt. For this occasion, Queen Maxima wore a red dress that delicately hugged her body to show her … Read more

After she shined at her brother’s wedding in a golden dress.. Watch the look of Crystal’s heroine in Saudi Arabia (photos)

2023-11-14 21:22:30 Actress Stephanie Atallah posted pictures on her Instagram account of her participation in a program in Saudi Arabia. Stephanie sparkled in a shiny black suit, soft hair, and red lipstick. Stephanie recently celebrated her brother’s wedding and caught attention in a golden dress in which she looked like a Roman princess. Stephanie achieved … Read more

Hezbollah Military Operations: Exclusive Video Footage and Details

2023-11-10 20:47:22 Hezbollah’s military media published a video clip documenting for the first time the details of the military movements of the party’s members in the field while carrying out operations against Israeli positions on the border between Lebanon and occupied Palestine during recent times. The video, which came under the title: “Some of our … Read more

Nicole Kidman in an elegant Parisian look that turned heads in New York (photos)

2023-11-10 15:37:00 Nicole Kidman turned heads while attending the Planet Omega party in New York. The star chose a very elegant long black dress from the signature of the French house “Balenciaga”, which was recycled. Despite its simplicity, it clearly represents Parisian sophistication. It was executed in black crepe and satin fabric, with open shoulders … Read more

Demi Moore is getting more radiant at the age of 60…a look with an open jacket at the ‘Versace’ show (photos and video)

2023-09-24 05:18:00 Demi Moore caught attention as she arrived at the Versace Fashion Week show in Milan with her Chihuahua. The 60-year-old actress stole the show when she took her place in the star-studded front row with her little dog Pilaf sitting under her arm. Demi appeared without a bra, wearing a dark blue satin … Read more