Burger King invests millions to “wash the face” of its restaurants (is it necessary?)

Restaurant Brands International, owner of Burger King, began the renewal strategy in 2023 with an initial investment of $250 million. Now it announced another $300 million, in addition to another $150 million to improve customer experience and its technology. The acquisition of Carrols Restaurant Group accelerated the remodeling process. The fast food chain Burger King … Read more

BB.lv: When you live in Latvia and have no money: features of national bankruptcy

“Professional and innovative supervisory institution” Administrators operate in the Republic of Latvia under the wing of the Ministry of Justice. Last year, they handled 2,326 insolvency processes, of which 242 were declared against legal entities and 737 against individuals. Unfortunately, in 59% it was necessary to draw up a message about the absence of the … Read more

US Agrees to Withdraw Troops from Niger Hosting Drone Base – 2024-04-22 17:20:34

The US agreed to withdraw more than 1,000 military troops from Niger, changing the strategy of its presence in West Africa.(AFP) The US agreed on Friday to withdraw more than 1,000 troops from Niger, officials said, shifting its position in West Africa where the country hosts a major drone base. Deputy Foreign Minister Kurt Campbell … Read more

Current question about the government’s strategy in the Balkans – 2024-04-20 12:14:43

A topical question to the Minister of Foreign Affairs on the topic of “Government’s strategy in the Western Balkans” was submitted by the MP for Achaia of the New Left Sia Anagnostopoulou. As he said: “In a period of geopolitical upheaval in the wider region, with the very fragile situations taking shape in the Western … Read more

They want to turn the corner house into a hotel. This will save people from the “victim position”

At the same time, he noted that the Corner House was beneficial for filmmakers, since it was possible to film the most complex scenes associated with the Soviet period or the period of Soviet occupation in Latvia, the imprisonment of dissidents or the moment of occupation, as well as individual scenes of the war period. … Read more

The Troubled Links Between Vlaams Belang and Foreign Influences: The Case of Frank Creyelman

2023-12-15 08:35:00 Daniel Woo, an agent for China’s Ministry of State Security spy agency, allegedly put pressure on Frank Creyelman. Repression by China of democracy in Hong Kong or even persecution of the Uighurs, the Belgian politician was to influence discussions on these subjects within European institutions. At the end of 2022, Frank Creyelman received … Read more

Discover the Creepy World of Little Nightmares 3: Game, Characters, and Release Date

2023-10-30 12:52:51 The Little Nightmares series is a horror adventure game released in 2017, featuring deformed and cute characters and an unsettling world full of eerie atmosphere. The series “Little Nightmares” and “Little Nightmares 2” have both gained high popularity. In the latest game “Little Nightmares 3”, this is the first time the series supports … Read more

The Flower Islands: A Comprehensive Guide to Maps, Seeds, and Secrets in Super Mario Bros.

2023-10-27 10:19:39 The Flower Islands in the middle of the Super Mario Bros. Surprise Map connects 6 maps in the game, including the Water Pipe Rock Plain, Blossoming Mountains, Gullfoss, Fungus Extraction Site, and Sea of ​​Magma Sea. To open up new maps, you must pass through the Flower Islands. , after finally collecting 7 … Read more