they want to ban speaking Russian on air. Singing is possible

Chose a local product Representatives of the media regulator spoke about the results of an extensive sociological study. It turned out, in particular, that national minorities in Latvia most actively perceive information from social networks and television – 81% each, followed by Internet portals – 75%, radio – 73%, press – 58%. It is significant … Read more

NFL Draft 2024: Khristian Boyd Drafted by New Orleans Saints

2024-04-27 21:04:28 NFL Overreactions: First Round of the 2024 NFL Draft Mackenzie Salmon breaks down some of the biggest shocks (and expected picks) of the NFL Draft on night one. Sports seriously Khristian Boyd has found his next football home. The former Northern Iowa defensive tackle came off the board in the 6th round of … Read more Kremlin lobbyists in France

“From the Kremlin to the FSB, the secret history of the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry”: the French publication Challenges published an investigation into the dubious connections of the association “Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry” with representatives of the Kremlin and Russian security forces. The French leadership of the organization “without hesitation” sided … Read more

The Troubled Links Between Vlaams Belang and Foreign Influences: The Case of Frank Creyelman

2023-12-15 08:35:00 Daniel Woo, an agent for China’s Ministry of State Security spy agency, allegedly put pressure on Frank Creyelman. Repression by China of democracy in Hong Kong or even persecution of the Uighurs, the Belgian politician was to influence discussions on these subjects within European institutions. At the end of 2022, Frank Creyelman received … Read more

Preventing Tragedy: The Story of Stefania’s Rare Infection and How to Keep Your Family Safe

2023-11-25 16:34:38 For the first time, Tatiana González decides to talk to a media outlet and tells the story of her daughter, a 10-year-old girl who was diagnosed with a strange infection that ended her life. The youngest contracted a dangerous parasite that destroys everything in its path and hides in swimming pools, jacuzzis and … Read more

European Driving License Laws: Updates and Changes You Need to Know

2023-11-25 10:20:00 1. Driving license at 17 The European Commission wants to lower the legal age for a driving license to 17. ©pololia – Fotolia The new European directive would set the legal age at 18 from which all B license candidates could obtain the precious sesame. But, specifies the draft directive, Member States will … Read more