The Teachers Syndicate announces a comprehensive warning strike in all private educational institutions on February 1

The Teachers Syndicate announced in a statement, “Based on the results of the female and male teachers’ vote on the recommendation of the general assemblies in all branches, the Syndicate announces a comprehensive warning strike in all private educational institutions on Wednesday, February 1, provided that the Executive Council meets to take appropriate escalatory steps, … Read more

A mass campaign in Dortmund to finance the contract with Ronaldo

The fans of the German club, Borussia Dortmund, launched a popular campaign to fund what they considered the contract deal with Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo. Dortmund hopes to find a sniper striker after the Norwegian Erling Haaland moved to Manchester City and his newly arrived replacement from Ajax Amsterdam, Ivorian Sebastian Haller, suffered a malignant … Read more

Colors of the homeland | The discovery of a treasure of strange “diamonds” inside a meteorite that struck the Earth 50 thousand years ago

​ While studying diamonds inside an ancient meteorite, scientists have found a strange, never-before-seen microscopic structure, which the researchers describe as having an interlocking form of graphite and diamond, with unique properties that could one day be used to develop a superfast charging system or new types of electronics. Scientists are studying the diamond structures … Read more

jowk | How far can we jump in the planets of the solar system?

jump and bounce When jumping, for example, a person pushes the ground with his foot backwards, so he pushes forward or higher. This is from the rebound, and it is known in physics and english (recoil) Backlash that occurs, for example, to the cannon when the projectile is launched, or the backlash of the … Read more

Removing a huge mass from the abdomen of a child in Baalbek Governmental Hospital

In the Department of Surgery at Baalbek Governmental Hospital, a strange operation of its kind was carried out, which was the removal of a huge mass of unknown origin next to the left ovary of the Syrian girl Z. x. (3 years), the operation was successful. The head of the surgery department at the hospital, … Read more

24H on GAMERGEN.COM: promotions on the PlayStation Store, BioWare lingers on Mass Effect Next, and additions in Call of Duty

Le 24h on GAMERGEN.COM is a daily section allowing you to review the essential news of the past 24 hours. What happened on this Wednesday, May 11, 2022? Not to change, various content drops in price for a while on the PlayStation Store. In addition, players are thinking about the return of Shepard in Mass … Read more