Belgium Wood Pellets Price Drop: Latest Updates and Trends

2023-12-18 16:25:00

With an average price of €6.79 for a 15 kg bag of pellets, wood pellets return to an average that the Belgian consumer has not seen since July 2022. Surprising: this average price for December is lower than at the best times, in May and June.

This is the third consecutive drop and the ninth since January 2023 when the average price of pellets in Belgium was then €10. Wikipower, which is active in the sector of group purchases linked to energy, estimated, in November, that: “pellets, usually renowned for their stability, have been strongly affected by inflation in 2022 and will have to fall a little further to become as interesting again as in the past.”

Rise in the price of logs

No Christmas present, however, for people heating with wood: the average price of a cubic meter of firewood has just risen to €130, its September price.

In November, Wikipower indicated that “despite the inflation experienced, wood remains the least expensive means of heating. It could be joined by pellets if they continue their downward trend; in the meantime, the price of gas is lower than that of pellets (in bags).”

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