“In Germany they would quickly be forced to speak German”

“The fact that people do not want to learn a language in the country where they live is generally impossible in other countries. Here we must take into account the fact that we have a lot of Russian speakers, I don’t know, about 40% according to statistics. About 60% versus 40%. If they lived in … Read more

The Incredible Camel Parade: From Château de Vincennes to Champ-de-Mars

2024-04-20 07:53:36 Initially planned for the Champ-de-Mars, the procession will set off at 2 p.m. from the esplanade of the Château de Vincennes. Of the dromedaries and camels will parade in Paris, this Saturday, April 20. But not in the wealthy neighborhoods in the west of the capital, as initially desired by the organizer of … Read more

“There is still an opportunity to stop this evil”

The leader of the public organization Austošā saule, former secretary general of TB-Visu Latvijai Raivis Zeltits, who plans to create his own party, published an article on the philosophical portal about the danger of mass immigration for Latvia. Having analyzed the situation with migrants in other EU countries, R. Zeltits came to the conclusion … Read more

laughing, the saleswoman claims not to tell her employers that she wears the veil

” data-script=” > The manager of a store near Strasbourg is violently accused of “Islamophobia” after he refused to allow a young temporary worker to wear the veil. This has since been expressed, defining itself as “veiled news” on “the right path”. After the video went viral on the internet, showing the manager of a … Read more

Mila reveals that the Quotidien show asked her to apologize after her cyberharassment

By MA Published yesterday at 11:45, Updated yesterday at 14:29 ” data-script=” > Invited on BFMTV to comment on the attack on Samara in Montpellier, Mila claimed that she had been “briefed” before appearing on the Yann Barthès set, after the waves of cyberharassment she suffered in 2020. “I was asked to say it”. On … Read more

How Russia wages its hybrid war 2024-04-06 01:28:14

Colonel, you are researching hybrid warfare. What makes it different from “normal” military warfare? Reinhard Bingener Political correspondent for Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Bremen based in Hanover. Hybrid warfare is nothing new, we in the West just have a hard time understanding unorthodox forms of warfare. What is important is that in hybrid wars there … Read more

deputies adopt the bill

By Le Figaro with AFP Published on 03/28/2024 at 1:53 p.m., Updated on 03/28/2024 at 2:41 p.m. ” data-script=” > The text by Guadeloupean MP Olivier Serva, which aims to sanction “hair discrimination”, particularly at work, has given rise to reservations as to its usefulness. The National Assembly voted on Thursday at first reading a … Read more