Ukrainian army plane hit a goal on Russian territory for the primary time

In line with the interlocutor, on Sunday, June 9, a command submit was hit within the Belgorod area. It isn’t but clear what kind of ammunition was used within the assault, together with whether or not it was a Western weapon. “Though injury evaluation remains to be being carried out, this has been confirmed as … Read more North Korean weapons in Ukraine demonstrate the weakness of the UN

Since 2006, the UN Security Council has passed nine major sanctions on North Korea to curb its missile and nuclear programs. In June of the same year, the Security Council established an embargo on the export of arms to North Korea and the purchase of weapons produced by it. In June 2009, the embargo was … Read more

Why don’t those who leave Latvia return?

When asked by the host of the “On the Line” program on TV24 what is missing to return citizens to Latvia even more effectively, Remigration Coordinator of the Riga Planning Region Daina Šulca replied that people’s desires are very diverse. The specialist noted that the return of compatriots to Latvia is very important, but, in … Read more

People in Jelgava cannot understand how the Jelgava clinic fell into private hands

It was previously reported that a year and a half ago, deputies of the Jelgava Regional Duma suddenly discovered that the former Jelgava regional hospital had long been transferred to a private enterprise, and the local government was also paying extra for this. When deciding on an annual payment of 85,000 euros, deputies for the … Read more

Museum of History and Navigation in critical condition; The Ministry of Finance does not give money

A year ago, the Riga History and Maritime Museum celebrated its 250th anniversary. It is not only the oldest public museum in Latvia and the Baltic countries, but also the third oldest in Europe. The museum has more than half a million exhibits. Many of them have unique value. The façade of one building was … Read more “In Germany they would quickly be forced to speak German”

“The fact that people do not want to learn a language in the country where they live is generally impossible in other countries. Here we must take into account the fact that we have a lot of Russian speakers, I don’t know, about 40% according to statistics. About 60% versus 40%. If they lived in … Read more Russia is achieving tactical, not strategic, successes in Ukraine

According to the expert, Russia has found a “window of opportunity” to strike Ukraine’s energy systems and is shooting indiscriminately at both military and civilian targets. The situation in Ukraine shows that its air defense capabilities are insufficient – the capital Kyiv is somewhat secure, but there are big problems at the front, and they … Read more

Ukraine will decide what to do with the richest citizen of Latvia

Last year, the Seimas adopted amendments to the citizenship law, providing for the possibility of depriving Latvian citizenship of persons who provide significant support for Russia’s war against Ukraine. BZS expects that Ukraine will be able to provide Latvia with information about whether Aven actively supported the war. As Zviedris explained, Ukraine is currently investigating … Read more