Planning The details of the Social Fund for Development plan for 2023 are announced

2023-04-18 09:44:11 The ministry’s spokesman, Abdul Zahra Al-Hindawi, said in a statement received by Alsumaria News, “The Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Planning, Muhammad Ali Tamim, directed to provide appropriate conditions for the fund’s work and enable it to implement its annual plan, which includes the implementation of projects of a service nature, foremost … Read more

VIDEO: Cunning, Sleman Mutilation Tactics Prepare Knives in Blankets – The case of the murder and mutilation of a woman in Sleman Regency has caused an uproar. The perpetrator was known to be a man with the initials HP, 23 years old. The statement from the Regional Police for the Special Region of Yogyakarta stated that the perpetrators were suspected of having planned … Read more

Daikin bringt Pop-Up Store | TGA

Daikin provides energy efficient solutions for 2023 feel-good climate in your own four walls in Wels. Whether new construction, conversion or renovation – at the exhibition stand, experts will advise you on heat pumps, air conditioning systems and air purifiers as well as on state subsidies for heat pumps. >> Always up to date with … Read more

How good urban planning can impact health | International

The rapid and unplanned urbanization of Latin America and the Caribbean has led to many challenges such as the housing affordabilityand, the sustainability of transport or safe access to water and sanitation services. Although many of the problems of poorly managed urbanization can impact people’s quality of life in multiple aspects, its effects on physical … Read more

A government directive to complete 8 hospitals in Baghdad », the Iraqi News Agency

To receive more news, subscribe to our channel on Telegram Baghdad – Conscious – Ward Abdul Amir Al-Wardi Today, Monday, the Ministry of Planning announced that the next stage will witness the resumption of work on lagging projects, while confirming the trend to complete 8 hospitals in Baghdad. The ministry’s spokesman, Abdul Zahra Al-Hindawi, told … Read more

Work sets the date for the launch of the second phase of the social research procedures

Baghdad – consciousToday, Sunday, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs announced the total number of people covered by social protection in Iraq, and while setting the date for the start of the second phase of the social research procedures, it confirmed the adoption of a new standard for the inclusion of those eligible for … Read more