“Beijing Service Base of the New Third Board of the Beijing Stock Exchange” first batch of enterprises to explore the “sho” record_公司

Original title: “Beijing Service Base of the New Third Board of the Beijing Stock Exchange” first batch of enterprises to explore the “so” Beijing News … Read more

‘Vitamin D production’ has no effect on bone density and fracture risk even when sunlight is blocked

U.S. research team: “Shadow hats, long-sleeved clothes, and sunscreen are not related to bone density”“The claim that ‘sunscreen will deplete ‘vitamin D’ is an unfounded … Read more

‘The reason why Kim Jong-guk isn’t a Lloyder’ analyzed by a rehabilitation medicine doctor

Kim Kyung-ryeol, an incumbent rehabilitation medicine specialist who runs the YouTube ‘Busan Doctor Wonjang Kim’ channel. YouTube ‘Busan Doctor Wonjang Kim’ video capture An incumbent … Read more

Argentine 30-year-old woman self-healing AIDS… Second case in human history

Massachusetts Hospital Research Team “Suggests that one day HIV treatment is possible” AIDS virus image. Courtesy of Getty Image Bank A case has been reported … Read more

Netherlands enters lockdown due to surge in confirmed cases… Europe at risk of ‘re-proliferation’

Netherlands to resume lockdown from 13th… reintroduction of social distancingNorthern Austria restricts going out for unvaccinated people People gather in the Reyouarden area square in … Read more

Jae-myung Lee’s side said that the ‘reprimand of paramedics’ was fake news… Fire Department “confirmed”

Petition for ‘Discipline the executive who rebuked you’ comes up Democratic Party lawmaker Lee Hae-sik’s Facebook capture Rep. Lee Hae-sik, head of the Spouse Office … Read more

‘Loider Controversy’ Kim Jong-guk “I plan to receive all existing tests”

Photo = Captured from the YouTube channel ‘GYM Jong-guk (Jim Jong-guk)’ Singer Kim Jong-guk, who used to be Turbo, has expressed his position on the … Read more

Sino-Russian sanctions relief proposal… U.S. State Department Retains UN Sanctions Against North Korea

Opposition to China-Russia easing resolution “North Korea can manufacture 20 nuclear bombs every year” WSJ reports Stanford University report US State Department spokeswoman Ned Price. … Read more

This disease is one of the risk factors for cerebral aneurysm… be careful

Swedish research team: Insomnia, hypertension and other risk factors besides smoking“People with a genetic predisposition to insomnia have a 24% higher risk”“Smokers are three times … Read more

Does coffee or smoking help prevent and treat this disease?

Wonkwang University Professor Il-hong Son’s team “Coffee consumption and smoking, inversely proportional to the risk of Parkinson’s disease”“Parkinson’s disease patients who drank coffee showed fewer … Read more