Chae Dasom, choreographer for IVE’s ‘LOVE DIVE’, said, “We choreographed the choreography so that we can show the pretty faces of the IVE members.”

Choose the choreography of Lachika instead of the choreography you created yourself
‘I’m not sorry I didn’t appear in Supa

Girl group IVE’s ‘LOVE DIVE’, which recorded 8 trophies on music shows.

As if to prove their popularity, fans’ attention was also drawn to the lyricist, composer, and choreographer who participated in the production beyond the singer.

The video comparing Love Dive’s final choreography with the choreography team’s cyan choreography drew a lot of attention. In particular, it is rumored that the choreography of Sian included movements that could not be seen on Ive’s stage, and fans enjoyed the fun of comparison.

The choreography team Lachika and Freemind participated in the choreography of Love Dive. There were also many responses in the comments that the person who combined each team’s unique dance ‘completely’ was ‘skillful’.

The talented person is the choreographer Chae Dasom (32) of Freemind, and is a dancer with 11 years of experience.

“It was my first time working on choreography,” said Chae.

From the production of Love Dive’s choreography to the final directing, I heard the story behind her.

– How was the process of merging the choreography of several drafts?

“It was important to weave it according to the dreamy and elegant atmosphere of the song. Lachika’s choreography was novel. In particular, at the beginning of verse 2, the movement of the members holding hands and biting their tails was impressive, so I watched the video several times.”

– Do you think it would be a pity to leave out your own choreography?

“Okay, I saw that I choreographed my choreography well in the beginning of verse 2, which I mentioned earlier, but when I saw Lachika’s movement, I thought, ‘I lost’. It was a waste, but I decided it was right to go with Lachika’s choreography.”

-Are there any special considerations when making the choreography for Ive?

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“Ive members are really pretty. I thought I should show a pretty face well to the public. I used a lot of arm movements so that the members could break the beat and look pretty even when standing without dancing quickly.”

-If the choreographer is not accepted, will I not receive a separate fee?

“It’s different for each agency and each team. In some cases, there are separate choreography costs and separate drafting costs. But these days, regardless of whether or not the final adoption is adopted, the choreographer completes the choreography of one song, so the cost is mostly the same.”

-Isn’t it a pity that you didn’t appear in Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’?

“no. I’m not good at being in front of the camera. Even if it’s not me, other dancers see the light and I’m satisfied with that.”

– When did you start working as a choreographer?

“It started as a dancer. She accidentally got the chance to choreograph. Since then, she continued to receive requests, so she naturally became a choreographer. Taeyeon’s ‘Weekend’, Ive’s ‘ELEVEN’, and IZ*ONE’s ‘La Vie en Rose’ and ‘Violeta’, etc. I did.”

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