NASA Releases Latest Photos of Inmyeonam Rock on Mars: An Incredible 3D Anaglyph View

2023-12-15 23:56:00 The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has released the latest photos of Inmyeonam Rock on Mars, which was joked about in the 1970s as being a sculpture of an alien. NASA presented the latest images of Mars’ Inmyeonam taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) through its official channel on the 13th. … Read more

Naver establishes ‘Rights Protection Center’ to report trademark and copyright infringement

2023-12-03 04:51:15 Naver is establishing a new integrated ‘Rights Protection Center’ that provides one-stop reporting for trademark and copyright infringement and defamation content. Naver announced on the 3rd that it would convert the existing Smart Store Intellectual Property Rights Reporting Center into a ‘Rights Protection Center’. A rights protection center will be established that integrates … Read more

Han Hye-jin, congratulations on winning the Gian 84 Entertainment Awards in advance… Lee Si-eon, “I want to win the grand prize too.”[스타이슈]

2023-11-28 14:06:41 Reporter Kyung-ho Lee | 2023.11.28 23:06 YouTube channel ‘Han Hye-jin’./Photo = YouTube channel ‘Han Hye-jin’ video capture Han Hye-jin and Lee Si-eon predicted that they would win the grand prize at Kian84’s ‘Entertainment Awards’. On the afternoon of the 28th, a video was posted on the YouTube channel ‘Han Hye-jin’, ‘*First released* Lee … Read more

‘Pilgrimage’ MC satire, “I once got scammed by a used car”

2023-11-28 01:45:54 ‘Pilgrimage’ MC Satire reveals his experience of being a victim of used car fraud. MBC Every1’s ‘Pilgrimage’, which will be aired on the 28th, will feature a special feature on ‘Second Used Holy Land’. Pastor Yejun Lee, Monk Geumhu, and Father Kyungseon Yu fell in love with the charm of vintage after experiencing … Read more

NASA Astronauts Lose Tool Bag in Space: Tracking and Impact on Earth’s Orbit

2023-11-19 04:35:00 The tool bag that a NASA astronaut lost during extravehicular activities is now floating in low-Earth orbit at an altitude of about 400 km. The tool bag is expected to gradually drop in altitude before entering the Earth’s atmosphere and disappearing. On the 17th, through its official channels, NASA introduced the loss of … Read more

KAIST declares its vision for ‘Metaverse Daejeon’… Presenting a future city model connecting the world with Metaverse

2023-11-14 09:04:38 The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST, President Gwang-hyung Lee) held a ‘Metaverse Daejeon’ vision declaration ceremony at Hotel Onoma in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon on the afternoon of the 14th. KAIST Metaverse Graduate School (Chief Professor Woo Woon-taek) has developed a future vision of connecting the world into one city through Metaverse … Read more

Captivating Image of MSH 15-52 Nebula Combines Data from IXPE and Chandra Telescopes

2023-11-04 12:50:00 A huge nebula reminiscent of a ‘ghost hand’ was observed in the distant universe. According to, an aerospace media outlet, on the 1st (local time), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has launched the latest X-ray telescope ‘IXPE’ and A photo of the nebula ‘MSH 15-52’ observed by the veteran observation … Read more

Revolutionary Bendable Smartphone: Motorola’s Unique Concept for Wrist-Wrapping

2023-10-27 23:00:00 A unique smartphone concept that can be used by wrapping it around the wrist like a bracelet has emerged. Motorola introduced a ‘flexible’ (bendable) phone that can be used by wrapping it around the wrist through the annual event ‘Lenovo Tech World 2023’ held on the 24th (local time). ) smartphone was released. … Read more