Revolutionary Bendable Smartphone: Motorola’s Unique Concept for Wrist-Wrapping

2023-10-27 23:00:00

<모토로라가 24일(현지시간) 공개한 플렉서블 스마트폰 콘셉트 이미지. 사진=모토로라>A unique smartphone concept that can be used by wrapping it around the wrist like a bracelet has emerged. Motorola introduced a ‘flexible’ (bendable) phone that can be used by wrapping it around the wrist through the annual event ‘Lenovo Tech World 2023’ held on the 24th (local time). ) smartphone was released.
<모토로라가 24일(현지시간) 공개한 새로운 플렉서블 스마트폰 콘셉트. 사진=모토로라/TechDroider Clips 유튜브 캡처>It is equipped with all the typical smartphone functions, but bends flexibly like rubber. However, unlike the Samsung Galaxy Flip series, the display faces outward. If you look at the concept video and images, you can watch the video by slightly bending it upright, or you can fully bend it and use it like a wearable device on your wrist.
<모토로라가 24일(현지시간) 공개한 플렉서블 스마트폰 콘셉트 이미지. 사진=모토로라><모토로라가 24일(현지시간) 공개한 플렉서블 스마트폰 콘셉트 이미지. 사진=모토로라>Motorola explains that if you fold it up slightly, you can adjust only the 4.6-inch display, and if you put it on your wrist, you can use the full 6.9-inch full HD+ screen even in the folded state.
<모토로라가 24일(현지시간) 공개한 플렉서블 스마트폰 콘셉트. 의상을 스캔해 배경화면을 꾸미는 기능. 사진=모토로라>He also added that when worn on the wrist, it will be equipped with an on-board generating AI that will change the device’s wallpaper pattern according to the clothes worn that day. However, since it is still in the concept stage, detailed specifications have not been revealed. Meanwhile, Motorola released a concept image in 2016, saying it would introduce a foldable smart watch/smartphone. The concept and method unveiled this time are similar, but they are less foldable and the folding part is awkward. Some experts believe that this flexible concept, newly unveiled for the first time in six years, will be the completion of Motorola’s ‘clamshell’ (a clamshell-like lid) design. It remains to be seen whether this will happen. However, the release of a smartphone with this concept has not yet been confirmed. Electronic Newspaper Internet Reporter Seo Hee-won [email protected]

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