Naver establishes ‘Rights Protection Center’ to report trademark and copyright infringement

2023-12-03 04:51:15

Naver is establishing a new integrated ‘Rights Protection Center’ that provides one-stop reporting for trademark and copyright infringement and defamation content.

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Naver announced on the 3rd that it would convert the existing Smart Store Intellectual Property Rights Reporting Center into a ‘Rights Protection Center’. A rights protection center will be established that integrates the copyright protection center, take-down request service, and intellectual property reporting center.

The Rights Protection Center requests prior protection of copyrighted works such as videos and sound recordings from the Protection Center, reports copyright infringement, suspends posting of defamatory user-generated content (UGC) in Naver cafes and blogs through the takedown request service, and trademarks and rights protection from the Intellectual Property Rights Reporting Center. It is in charge of tasks such as prohibiting the sale of design infringing products and counterfeit products.

Accordingly, users of various services such as Naver Cafe, shopping, and webtoons can report rights-infringing content in one stop, regardless of type. You can also check at a glance the processing status of reports and the rights holder explanation process.

Naver plans to establish an environment where rights holders can directly register and manage their rights, considering the importance of active reporting and participation by rights holders in cases of infringement of intellectual property rights or trademark rights. Naver also plans to include features that can strengthen cooperation with rights holders.

We also plan to support deletion requests for posts that are difficult to delete directly due to withdrawal from Naver membership.

Reporter Ham Bong-gyun [email protected]

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