Mention Sun Myung Moon or hide the Unification Church… Mixed reports of Abe assassin

Reports on the Unification Church are mixed as it became known that the former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s assassin had chosen the former Unification Church (Family Federation for World Peace and Unification) as the cause of the murder by a religious group whose mother was missing. While the Hankyoreh reported an analysis article stating … Read more

Chae Dasom, choreographer for IVE’s ‘LOVE DIVE’, said, “We choreographed the choreography so that we can show the pretty faces of the IVE members.”

Choose the choreography of Lachika instead of the choreography you created yourself‘I’m not sorry I didn’t appear in Supa Girl group IVE’s ‘LOVE DIVE’, which recorded 8 trophies on music shows. As if to prove their popularity, fans’ attention was also drawn to the lyricist, composer, and choreographer who participated in the production beyond the … Read more

“Not here” while taking the ring… Paris Disneyland employee blocked proposal [영상]

A Disneyland employee steals a couple’s ring from a proposal at Disneyland in Paris, the capital of France. News 1 At Disneyland, a theme park in Paris, the capital of France, a video of an employee obstructing the proposal of a visitor was released, sparking controversy among netizens. On the 3rd, a video was posted … Read more

Benefit of up to 70 million won for small and pseudo cancer [재테크 특집]

Hanwha Life ‘Hanwha Life Signature Cancer Insurance’, which acquired exclusive use rights for six months. Provided by Hanwha Life Hanwha Life Insurance has launched and is selling ‘Hanwha Life Signature Cancer Insurance’, which reflects the changes of the times and the latest insurance consumption trends for cancer. The product also acquired an exclusive right to … Read more

AS Roma becomes the first champion of the UECL, coach Mourinho, once again a hero in history

1-0 win over Feyenoord in the final UEFA three-club competition First managerial honor to win them all AS Roma coach Jose Mourinho smiles with a trophy after becoming the first champion after defeating Feyenoord in the final of the 2021-2022 season Europa Conference League (UECL) held at Air Albania Stadium in Tirana, Albania on the … Read more

“Kim Tae-hyun and I were both singles… ” Mija, the reason why she had a premonition of marriage after a month

Screen capture of JTBC’s ‘Daughter Thieves’ Comedian Mi-ja (pictured), who was a non-marriage, shared the moment she predicted marriage. In the JTBC ‘Daughter Thieves’ broadcast on the 24th, Mi-ja appeared and told her story with her husband, Kim Tae-hyun. On this day, Mi-ja answered Kang Ho-dong’s question, “Did you decide to get married in a … Read more

WHO: “Pandemic is not over… “The number of confirmed cases rises again in 70 countries”

The global average vaccination rate is 60%… “You need to be more active”WHO Director-General: “Everywhere in the world must end” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO). AP Yonhap News The World Health Organization (WHO) on the 22nd (local time) urged countries to take unwavering response to quarantine and vaccinate, saying that … Read more

’51 years old’ Ko So-young “Photo by daughter” proud of her legs, looking at the picture

Photo = Captured from Ko So-young’s Instagram Actress Ko So-young boasted her still beauty. On the 21st, Ko So-young posted on Instagram, “I went out for a walk and it was so hot. She posted a photo with the caption, “Photo by Yoon Seol.” In the published photo, Ko So-young is seen wearing a casual … Read more