Seo Jang-hoon “The current income is higher than when I was a basketball player, and the building… ”

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In the energy crisis… US increases coal-fired power generation for the first time in 7 years

Soaring natural gas prices, up 22% from 2020 Natural gas rises nearly fivefold in one yearPower generation costs will more than double in 2021Coal power … Read more

Sending Kim Seon-ho on Kim Ji-won’s birthday?… Even other actors criticized for ‘controversy over abortion’

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Asteroid exploration vs solar exploration and space station construction… US-China space war escalates

US launches ‘Lucy’ mission to explore asteroids near JupiterInvestigation of the origin and evolution of planets in the solar system for 12 years China launches … Read more

“This ‘essential fatty acid’ increases the risk of ‘atrial fibrillation’ when consumed in excess”

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‘School and Domestic Violence’ Jae-young Lee and Da-young Lee, Interview with a Greek Employment Visa… preparation for departure

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Jeonse prices in the metropolitan area, local apartment prices ‘sparkle’ in ‘loan jade’

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‘E-land’s daughter-in-law’ Choi Jeong-yoon broke up after 10 years… The agency “I’m going through the divorce process”

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Yoon Jong-shin “Jung-hwan Shin has 15 million won for Yoo Jae-suk and 7 million won for Kim Jong-guk” (Jeonras)

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