Arrests made in Gyeongbokgung Palace graffiti case: Details and Recovery Updates

2023-12-19 21:44:00 ⓒ JoongAng Ilbo/JoongAng Ilbo Japanese version2023.12.20 06:44 A teenage boy and girl who painted graffiti on the exterior walls of Gyeongbokgung Palace with lacquer spray and ran away were arrested three days after the crime. Seoul’s Jongno Police Station announced that they arrested Lim (17) at his residence in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province at … Read more

North Korea’s Missile Escalation: The Latest Diplomatic Crisis

2023-12-18 14:16:59 Diplomacy Article reserved for subscribers North Korea, escalationfilePyongyang launched a ballistic missile as one of its leaders met Chinese officials in Beijing. A rapprochement which is part of an escalation of tensions in Asia. In a few hours, two shots with the quasi-blessing of Beijing. This Monday, December 18, North Korea carried out … Read more

The Growing Threat of North Korea: Updates, Analysis, and Response Strategies

2023-12-16 17:40:00 “Any nuclear attack by North Korea against the United States or its allies would be unacceptable and will bring about the end of the Kim Jong Un regime,” she added, following a meeting between American officials and South Koreans, promising a “rapid, overwhelming and resolute response”. “We are not in North Korea!”: it … Read more

This robot dog sets a world record by running 100 meters in less than 20 seconds

2023-12-15 06:30:00 If he were human, Hound would be called Usain Bolt. The name of this robot dog designed by the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology will appear in the next Guinness Book of Records because it is the quadrupedal automaton having traveled a distance of 100 meters the fastest. With a time … Read more

Choi Sol-gyu: Korean Badminton Star Suspended from National Team

2023-12-06 10:26:59 [Tilu News]The Korean badminton world recently dropped heavy news. The 28-year-old Hangzhou Asian Games men’s doubles silver medalist Choi Sol-gyu was suspended from the Korean Badminton Association after the Asian Games because of drunken absences from training and bringing his girlfriend back to the dormitory. Expelled from the national team. Choi Sol-kyu and … Read more

30-Year Prison Sentence for South Korean Shamanic Couple: Gaslighting and Control Exposed

2023-12-02 01:00:57 (Schematic diagram/pixabay) The South Korean judicial authorities recently sought a 30-year prison sentence for a shamanic couple because they allegedly used “gaslighting” to control a family for 19 years, defrauding more than 250 million won (equivalent to approximately NT$). 6.04 million), he was also suspected of imprisoning the family, and even asked the … Read more

“J-JUN FRIDAY PARTY 2024” overview & ticket sales schedule announced! |J-JUN JAPAN OFFICIAL SITE

2023-12-01 07:05:20 “J-JUN FRIDAY PARTY 2024” overview & ticket sales schedule announced! Thank you for always supporting Jaejoong.Details and ticket sales schedule for “J-JUN FRIDAY PARTY 2024” have been decided! Let’s celebrate Jaejoong’s birthday and JAEFANS’ 6th anniversary together at “J-JUN FRIDAY PARTY 2024” which will be held on the day of Jaejoong’s birthday!We look … Read more

South Korean Court Sentences Man for Praising North Korea: Unification Poem Leads to 14-Year Prison Term

2023-11-28 09:28:29 KA South Korean court has sentenced a 68-year-old man to 14 years in prison for praising North Korea and speaking for Korean unity. The poem, which prompted court intervention, was published in North Korean state media in 2016. In the poem, Lee Eun-seop advocated for the unification of the two Koreas, South Korean … Read more