“Kim Tae-hyun and I were both singles… ” Mija, the reason why she had a premonition of marriage after a month

Screen capture of JTBC’s ‘Daughter Thieves’

Comedian Mi-ja (pictured), who was a non-marriage, shared the moment she predicted marriage.

In the JTBC ‘Daughter Thieves’ broadcast on the 24th, Mi-ja appeared and told her story with her husband, Kim Tae-hyun.

On this day, Mi-ja answered Kang Ho-dong’s question, “Did you decide to get married in a few days after meeting?”, “Neither of them had any intention of getting married. ‘I have no intention of getting married. They started dating as ‘non-marriageism’. But, about a month after we started dating, her older brother said, ‘I’m a little tough on something’.”

Screen capture of JTBC’s ‘Daughter Thieves’

He continued, “‘This feeling is strong. I felt the same way when Taehyung Kim said, “This is my first time.” She continued to think that she was going to get married in a strange way,” he said.

Then he said, “I kept thinking that I would become a family with this person,” and Kang Ho-dong agreed, “If you just meet someone you have a marriage relationship with, everything goes through.” Lee Soo-geun said, “That’s right. The period is not important.”

Meanwhile, Mi-ja is the daughter of actor Jang Gwang and married comedian Kim Tae-hyun.

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