Mitsotakis for non-state universities: A radical change in Greek education – We are also strengthening the public university – 2024-03-10 01:46:30

“I hope we also significantly increase the representation of women in Parliament”, said the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, in his speech on the draft law of the Ministry of Education, Religion and Sports entitled “Strengthening the Public University – Framework for the operation of non-profit branches of foreign … Read more

Preventing Tragedy: The Story of Stefania’s Rare Infection and How to Keep Your Family Safe

2023-11-25 16:34:38 For the first time, Tatiana González decides to talk to a media outlet and tells the story of her daughter, a 10-year-old girl who was diagnosed with a strange infection that ended her life. The youngest contracted a dangerous parasite that destroys everything in its path and hides in swimming pools, jacuzzis and … Read more

Orange Business Transformation: Navigating Change and Job Losses in the B2B Sector

2023-11-13 08:26:25 Written by Stéphanie CRESPIN on November 13, 2023. Published in In the media. Orange’s B to B subsidiary, affected by the decline of its historic high-margin businesses, has initiated a major transformation. Almost a year later, Orange Business is reaping the first fruits. […]This requalification,* which is accompanied by a voluntary departure plan … Read more

Arab Celebrities Join the Boycott of TikTok: Biased Policies Against Saudi Arabia

2023-11-10 04:30:08 Al-Marsad newspaper: A number of other celebrities in the Arab world joined the boycott of the “Tik Tok” application due to its biased policy against Saudi Arabia. The famous Tik Tok celebrity had begun a campaign to boycott the application because it allowed haters to attack the Kingdom and block the comments of … Read more

The Employment Situation at Orange Innovation: Declining Workforce and Outsourcing Concerns

2023-11-06 15:05:49 The employment situation at Orange Innovation in France is worrying: the permanent workforce has been declining since the start of the mandate in 2019, and this decline has accelerated with the entry into TPS 2022. The number of external recruitments is very low does not compensate for this decrease: 17 in 2021, 10 … Read more

Indian-American Presidential Candidate Calls for Elimination of Hamas Leaders: Who is Vivek Ramaswamy?

2023-10-30 19:14:41 Al-Marsad newspaper: The Indian-American presidential candidate, Vivek Ramaswamy, called for the elimination of the leaders of the Hamas movement, saying: “Israel must hang the heads of the movement’s leaders on stakes in the Gaza Strip.” Ramaswamy added: “I would love nothing more than for the Israeli army to place the heads of the … Read more

Controversial Video: Al-Nasr vs Damac Match Incident Raises Questions About Fair Play and Justice

2023-10-22 16:49:14 Al-Marsad Sports: Journalist Khaled Al-Shaalan published a video clip from the Al-Nasr and Damac match. Al-Shaalan commented on the clip through his account on the But do not deliberately stop the procession of victory. • He obstructed the Al-Nasr player Then he touched the ball with his hand Then a reverse and a … Read more

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Mai Helmy and Adnan Jastinia Interview on Al-Hakam Program and Exchange Memorable Gifts

2023-10-06 20:27:27 Al-Marsad newspaper: Egyptian media personality Mai Helmy appeared in a new video clip with sports journalist Adnan Jastinia, before their episode on the Al-Hakam program presented by the Egyptian media and broadcast tomorrow, Saturday. Mai Helmy commented on the video that she shared on her account on the The video showed Justinia giving … Read more