Arab Celebrities Join the Boycott of TikTok: Biased Policies Against Saudi Arabia

2023-11-10 04:30:08

Al-Marsad newspaper: A number of other celebrities in the Arab world joined the boycott of the “Tik Tok” application due to its biased policy against Saudi Arabia.

The famous Tik Tok celebrity had begun a campaign to boycott the application because it allowed haters to attack the Kingdom and block the comments of everyone who defended Saudi Arabia. Then other stars followed, such as the Kuwaiti artist Ahlam and others.

Among the celebrities who also announced a boycott of the application for the same reason:

Fayez al-Maliki

Artist Fayez Al-Maliki, who through the

Sarah Alwadani

Snapchat celebrity Sarah Al-Wadani also supported Qaid Al-Majd’s behavior, saying, “Boying up on Tik Tok, which is his field, is something that should be taken into account.”

She described TikTok’s statement denying targeting the Kingdom as false and said: It is impossible for the issue to pass easily and peacefully, and called for a boycott of the program.

Omaima Talib

The artist Omaima Talib also announced through her account on X that she was boycotting the application, “and wrote: “I announce my boycott of the TikTok application.”

Dalia Mubarak

Dalia Mubarak wrote on X: “Of course, we boycott TikTok and anything that harms our country.” Saudi Arabia plans red.”

Badr Al-Luhaid

Actor Badr Al-Luhaid entered the line and wrote via

Al-Fahad victory

The artist, Fouz Al-Fahd, also announced her boycott of the Tik Tok program in solidarity with Saudi Arabia.

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