Lula will present today the More Health for Brazil program

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva will present today the More Health for Brazil program, with the aim of increasing patient care, in a ceremony at the Planalto Palace, seat of the Executive Branch.

Official sources confirmed that Más Médicos will be resumed under the new name, an initiative instituted in 2013 during the government of Dilma Rousseff (2011-2016) that aimed to increase the number of doctors, mainly in small cities in the interior of the country.

The Ministry of Health now promises to give priority to national doctors and with the performance of other specialists in the health area such as dentists, nurses and social workers in the teams.

“In addition to expanding the number of health professionals, the program will work to improve the SUS (Unified Health System) with investments for the construction and reform of Basic Units, expanding care in Brazil,” celebrated on the social network Twitter the Chief Minister of the Communication Secretariat of the Presidency, Paulo Pimenta.

In the same publication, Pimenta recalled that More Doctors “became responsible for one hundred percent of primary care in 1,039 municipalities, hired more than 18,000 professionals and benefited 63 million Brazilians.”

He specified that “the dismantling of the program, in recent years, shows the contempt suffered by the SUS.”

The expectation in the new format is that incentives for doctors to stay in the municipalities will be announced.

In Más Médicos, the physicians came from various countries, including Cuba, which revalidated on November 14, 2019 the solidarity and humanist vocation demonstrated by its health professionals in dozens of countries, by announcing their departure from the project in the face of conditions and derogatory statements. of the then elected ruler Jair Bolsonaro about his staff.

As expected, the ex-military president replaced in 2019 More Doctors by Doctors for Brazil.

Following the departure from Cuba, Lula thanked his professionals who participated in the health program and for the island helping other peoples of the world with their medicine.

“How good it would be if we had, like Cuba, doctors even to export to other countries!” said the former trade unionist in a letter sent to the Cuban people, following the cessation of his participation in the initiative.

He assured that the bonds of brotherhood between the peoples of Brazil and Cuba are much stronger than irrational hatred and that Cuban doctors “earned the affection and gratitude of millions of Brazilians.”

That is why I want to say to the people of Cuba: feel very proud of your doctors and your medical schools. You have won millions of admirers, millions of grateful people in Brazil, the founder of the Workers’ Party stressed on that occasion. (Latin Press)

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