Kardashian reveals what kind of men she prefers

2023-05-10 05:31:42 Tell me – While attending a playoff match in the NBA, Kim Kardashian revealed her favorite type of men, whom she described as introverts through a phrase she wrote on a white shirt. Kim, 42, and her mother, Kris, 67, were seated on the court among a slew of celebrities at the game, … Read more

“Abdulaziz Al-Hussaini: Weather and Climate Researcher Reveals Kingdom’s Weather Today, Including Uneven Rain and Hailstones”

2023-05-02 05:10:16 Al-Marsad newspaper: The researcher in weather and climate, Abdulaziz Al-Hussaini, revealed the details of the weather today, Tuesday, in the Kingdom, and the areas exposed to rain and hail. cloudy sky Al-Hussaini said, in a tweet via his Twitter account: The temperature and the state of the sky today, Tuesday, Shawwal 12, 1444 … Read more

A New Rainy Situation Unveiled by Al-Hussaini in the Kingdom; Date and Exposed Areas Included

The weather and climate researcher, Abdulaziz Al-Hussaini, has made predictions for the upcoming 24 hours. According to Al-Hussaini’s tweet on his Twitter account, a rainy situation is expected, marking the sixteenth rainy situation since the rainy season began on Wednesday 14 Ramadan (1444 AH). This rainy weather is expected to continue for a few days. … Read more

Nidal Al-Ahmadiyya on Ahlam’s video: I pray for her and those whom I promised to extend the tongue for a speedy recovery

The Lebanese journalist, Nidal Al-Ahmadiyya, published a video clip of the Emirati artist, Ahlam, which was her last publication, and she appeared in it joking with female followers who tend to imitate her hairstyle. Ahlam appeared in the video, which was published by “Al-Jars” magazine on Twitter, speaking spontaneously. Nidal re-posted the video and commented: … Read more

He deceived me 11 years ago, starting with the Falso network • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Egyptian actress, Ola Ghanem, responded to the accusations made by her husband, after the disputes that led her to request divorce. Ola Ghanem denied that her husband did not know about the divorce case that she filed against him, stressing that the case was filed two years ago. network Fake Ola Ghanem … Read more

Iman Abdel Aziz, on the subject of her husband’s betrayal of her: He used to tell me what every day I want to eat cream.

The statements of the Syrian actress Iman Abdel Aziz, in an interview with her on the Yalla trend platform via YouTube, topped the social networking sites, the most prominent of which was her talk about her husband’s betrayal of her and her divorce from him. Abdel Aziz said to the broadcaster, after he asked her … Read more