Scientists have created a material from graphite with magnetic levitation without external power

Magnetic levitation is widely used for frictionless sliding in toys, appliances, fittings and even trains (maglevs). But all this works from external power sources and sometimes very powerful ones, if we are talking about superconducting magnets for levitating trains. With permanent magnets it is a little easier, but there are limitations. Scientists from Japan tried … Read more

The Giráldez effect catapults Celta against a very weak Sevilla | Soccer | Sports

PreviousLiveChronicle There was the Giraldez effect. Definitely. Not only because the debut of the young coach, 36 years old, ended with a vital victory for Celta against Sevilla. There were more. A good game from Giráldez’s team that surprised the Sánchez Pizjuán with its ease, calmness and, finally, efficiency. Celta behaved with great class in … Read more

Crisis in Gaza: Hospitals Running on Verge of Collapse due to Fuel Shortage

2023-11-13 12:33:00 Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in the Hamas government, Yousef Abu Al-Rish, told Agence France-Presse on Monday that hospitals in the Gaza Governorate, north of the Strip, are out of service with a power outage due to a shortage of fuel. Doctor Abu Al-Rish spoke of “the death of six premature babies … Read more

Extending the Transition Allowance: Advocating for Financial Support for Cohabitants

2023-10-31 05:35:00 From one day to the next, Christine and the two children aged 4 and 8 that she had with her partner, already overwhelmed by grief, were left without resources, or almost. “I had a salary, but I earned much less than my partner. I had to pay off the house loan, we had … Read more

The Truth about Slimming Needles and Kidney Health: Insights from Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Atmi

2023-10-15 18:05:05 Al-Marsad newspaper: Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Atmi, internal medicine and nephrology consultant, revealed during an interview with the “Sayidaty” program the truth about the relationship between slimming needles and kidney diseases and their functions. Dr. Abdulaziz said: Thinning needles have no direct harm to the kidneys. He continued: But it affects the patient who uses … Read more

The Efficacy of Gentian: A Comprehensive Guide by Dr. Han Dong-ha of Oriental Medicine

2023-10-08 22:30:00 Dr. Han Dong-ha of Oriental Medicine (Director of Han Dong-ha Oriental Medical Clinic) In the fields, you can easily see grass with pretty purple flowers. Even if it is not a field, it is often decorated in early fall bouquets. It is a gentian flower. The flower language of gentian flowers is ‘sorrow’. … Read more

Russian Scientists’ Contribution to Ultrashort Light Pulse Research and Nobel Prize-Winning Breakthroughs in Attosecond Physics

2023-10-06 20:00:27 Russian scientists have contributed greatly to research on ultrashort light pulses, for whose development the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2023 will be awarded. This was told to reporters by Alexander Apollonsky, chief researcher at the Institute of Automation and Electrical Measurements at the Russian Academy of Sciences, who has been collaborating for … Read more