Living with a Sick Spouse: Dealing with Chronic Illness in Marriage

2023-11-27 10:06:17 When I first started dating Kostya, there were no doubts about his health. During the 2 years of communication, he got sick with Covid a couple of times. As soon as we got married, Kostya was literally knocked down by colds and other ailments. He and I will soon celebrate one year of … Read more

The Impact of Friendship on Health: Increases Likelihood of Smoking and Drinking by 43% and 48%

2023-11-21 04:01:18 Increases the likelihood of smoking by 43% and the likelihood of drinking by 48% Entered 2023.11.21 13:00 Views 8 Entered 2023.11.21 13:00 Modified 2023.11.21 13:15 Views 8 Friendships were found to increase the likelihood of smoking by 43% and the likelihood of excessive drinking by 48%. [사진= 게티이미지뱅크]There is a saying called ‘friendship … Read more

Navigating Parenthood: A Mother’s Journey of Tough Choices and Unconditional Love

2023-11-15 19:09:13 My personal life was not working out. I am a workhorse in life. Wherever I got a job, they shamelessly took advantage of my kindness. At the age of 30, I realized that it was time to give birth, otherwise I would be left completely alone. I had an affair with a man. … Read more

Health Issues in Marriage: Navigating Illness and Caregiving

2023-11-12 18:24:27 Roma and I got married in 2020. Our wedding happened to be in quarantine due to the coronavirus. A couple of days after the celebration, both became seriously ill and ended up in intensive care. I recovered quickly, and he spent a month on a ventilator. Afterwards we got sick with Covid more … Read more

Extending the Transition Allowance: Advocating for Financial Support for Cohabitants

2023-10-31 05:35:00 From one day to the next, Christine and the two children aged 4 and 8 that she had with her partner, already overwhelmed by grief, were left without resources, or almost. “I had a salary, but I earned much less than my partner. I had to pay off the house loan, we had … Read more

Optimizing Tax Efficiency: Understanding Movable Donations and Tax Obligations

2023-10-25 17:39:00 The system targets only two types of movable donations – manual (a sum of money in cash, for example) and indirect (a bank transfer without communication) – because these are not subject to the registration obligation. , which allows donees to avoid paying gift tax, the rate of which is 3%. Other donations, … Read more

Dealing with a Husband’s Refusal to Help with Our Child: My Story and Reader Opinions

2023-10-23 16:12:59 I would like to share my story about how my husband refuses to help me with our small child. We were together for 2.5 years. Then he went to work in the north. When he returned a year later, he admitted that he had cheated on me. I loved Lesha very much, so … Read more

Overcoming Adversity: Navigating Relationships After a Severe Spinal Injury

2023-10-12 20:20:51 Recently a misfortune happened in my life. My boyfriend had an accident. Maxim received a severe spinal injury and is now bedridden. The first time was quite difficult – he could not turn his head on his own, he screamed from unbearable pain. One day, from an injection of painkiller, his breathing became … Read more