Enikő Kecskés cheated, which is why their relationship with T. Danny ended

Enikő Kecskés was a guest of Levente Lakatos in the podcast Levente’s Club. Among other things, the young model talked about her work, which she has been doing since she was 14 years old, as well as her ex-love, Dániel Telegdy, or, as most people know him, T. Danny. The relationship between Enikő and Dani … Read more

Actress Hana Brejchová, known from the film Loves of a Blonde, has died

Actress Hana Brejchová, sister of the famous Jana Brejchová, died at the age of 77. On Monday morning, the servers Aha.cz and Blesk.cz reported it with a reference to the actress Tereza Brodská, the niece of Hana Brejchová. According to websites, Brejchová passed away a few days ago. She was known for her roles in … Read more

Saint Levant, Palestinian Rapper Coachella Debut – 2024-04-17 07:12:35

Saint Levant(AFP) SAINT Levant, the Palestinian-French-Algerian-Serbian rapper who went viral online, made his Coachella debut over the weekend. He brought a very catchy beat and Palestinian solidarity to the stage. The 23-year-old played a set scheduled at a conflicting time with No Doubt’s highly anticipated reunion. But he still filled the Gobi Tent at the … Read more

The love story of Pavol Habera and Daniela Pestová

You can also listen to the article in audio version. Although Pavol Habera looks like a tough guy on the TV screen, he seems to have a sensitive nature. He has said in several interviews that he is a conservative and family-oriented person. That is also why the divorce from his first wife, Naďa, with … Read more

One Day: A friendship that looks like love – 2024-03-14 21:40:46

Nothing judges and prejudges a friendship better than time. As love undresses people’s bodies, so time, through the rivalries, conflicts and contrasts of friendship, undresses the characters. Because long silences, random gestures and invisible smiles are the pillars of a real friendship. The series “One Day” follows the intertwined lives of the two protagonists, Dexter … Read more