“Trouble at Ghent’s Leisure Area: Young People from Brussels Cause Disturbances and Thefts”

2023-05-28 18:10:01 A group of young people from Brussels caused disturbances this Sunday afternoon at the leisure area of ​​Ghent, a week after its opening. Shortly after their arrival, there were already first reports of nuisance, says HLN. “The young people of Brussels sought confrontation with other visitors, which created a tense atmosphere”, write our … Read more

“Novak Djokovic Reaches Rome Masters Tournament Final: Latest Updates and Results”

2023-05-14 22:20:00 Serbian Novak Djokovic, seeded first, reached the final price of the Rome Masters Tournament in tennis, with a difficult victory in three sets over Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov 6-3, 4-6, 6-1, while the first seed and defending champion in the last two years crossed the Polish Iga Chevontec without trouble to the same role. … Read more

Troubles and difficulties… major problems afflicting the mental health of Europeans

Thursday’s polls showed that the number of Europeans reporting they had “bad” or “very bad” mental health increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, even after the end of the lockdowns. And surveys conducted by the European Union’s Eurofund, in which 200,000 people participated, concluded that the number of those who reported that they suffer from “bad” … Read more

Millonarios FC today possible casualties of Juan Pablo Vargas, Luis Carlos Ruiz and David Silva | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

The return match of Millonarios against Medellín, where the blues prevailed in the key and went to the final, left certain lags in Alberto Gamero’s squad. The wear and tear carried out on the court was evident, as several players ended up with a high level of wear and tear. The same coach, Alberto Gamero, … Read more

overwhelmed by the delays, he tried to open the emergency exit, the flight cancelled!

Published on Monday, July 4, 2022 at 5:57 p.m. A 46-year-old Belgian, exasperated by the number of hours late on his flight to Malaga, caused trouble once he got on the plane. The flight ended up being cancelled. This Saturday, July 2, a drunken Belgian made the cabin crew and other passengers of a Ryanair … Read more

The work of “resellers”? Approximately 30,000 people hiyari to the manga that the subscribers of “Yakult 1000” noticed something unusual | Hint-Pot

A scene from a manga[Image courtesy of Rin Akuma / Kumarin Nakamura Day 2 East Z-15a (@ nakakuma68)] The lactic acid bacteria beverages “Yakult 1000” (product for home delivery) and “Y1000” (product for over-the-counter stores), which are currently booming, have been reported to be effective in relieving stress and improving sleep quality. Due to the … Read more