Understanding Liver Health: The Truth About Herbs and Foods for Liver Function

2023-12-06 05:07:10 Herbs known to be good for the liver… can have a negative effect on liver function Entered 2023.12.06 14:05 Views 273 Entered 2023.12.06 14:05 Modified 2023.12.06 12:55 Views 273 Liver cancer is not a disease caused by food. It is not a disease that can be cured by changing food. Eating certain foods … Read more

Preventing Hyperlipidemia: Diet, Exercise, and Lifestyle Changes to Improve Blood and Cardiovascular Health

2023-11-24 07:11:23 Hyperlipidemia is closely related to obesity… Caused by excessive fat-carbohydrate intake, drinking, and lack of exercise Entered 2023.11.24 16:10 Views 730 Entered 2023.11.24 16:10 Modified 2023.11.24 17:05 Views 730 For blood health, you should also reduce the intake of bread and cakes containing a lot of butter, margarine, and sugar. [사진=클립아트코리아] Hyperlipidemia is … Read more

The Impact of Friendship on Health: Increases Likelihood of Smoking and Drinking by 43% and 48%

2023-11-21 04:01:18 Increases the likelihood of smoking by 43% and the likelihood of drinking by 48% Entered 2023.11.21 13:00 Views 8 Entered 2023.11.21 13:00 Modified 2023.11.21 13:15 Views 8 Friendships were found to increase the likelihood of smoking by 43% and the likelihood of excessive drinking by 48%. [사진= 게티이미지뱅크]There is a saying called ‘friendship … Read more

Understanding Cancer Survival Rates and Cardiovascular Risk in Cancer Survivors

2023-11-19 08:00:00 In the past, cancer was considered a disease that mostly killed people, but with the development of science and technology and early screening, a significant number of cancer patients have survived. In particular, early-stage cancer has a high survival rate, with a cure rate of over 90% in some cases. Cancer survival rate … Read more

Preventing Cancer: Lifestyle Changes for Healthy Living and Disease Prevention

2023-11-19 05:06:40 Quit smoking, eat bland foods and avoid processed meat… Physical activity and vegetable-fruit intake are important. Entered 2023.11.19 14:05 Views 18 Entered 2023.11.19 14:05 Modified 2023.11.19 14:23 Views 18 When you eat processed meat products such as ham and sausages grilled over an open fire, ‘polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)’, which produce carcinogens in … Read more

Optimize Liver Health: Foods to Eat and Avoid for a Healthy Liver

2023-11-11 01:10:45 Avoid alcohol and sugar, and prefer foods rich in fiber and antioxidants. Entered 2023.11.11 10:05 Views 0 Entered 2023.11.11 10:05 Modified 2023.11.11 09:20 Views 0 Spinach, which contains antioxidants, is considered a food good for liver health. [사진=클립아트코리아] The liver is the largest and most important organ among the human body. The liver … Read more

Combat Cold Weather Indigestion with These Posture and Stretching Tips

2023-11-09 08:00:00 When the weather gets cold, physical activity decreases and intestinal movement slows down, making it easy to suffer from indigestion. In addition, the cold acts as stress on our bodies and interferes with digestion. When you are under a lot of stress, the sympathetic nervous system becomes hyperactive, which reduces blood flow to … Read more

Understanding the Impact of Large Daily Temperature Range on Arrhythmia Disease: A Comprehensive Guide

2023-11-05 01:01:16 Large daily temperature range affects the occurrence and worsening of arrhythmia disease Entered 2023.11.05 10:00 Views 0 Entered 2023.11.05 10:00 Modified 2023.11.03 17:16 Views 0 Arrhythmia is a disease that causes heart rhythm problems due to poor electrical stimulation of the heart or poor transmission of impulses. [사진= 게티이미지뱅크]The weather is going on … Read more