If you are over 65, ‘3 things to be careful of when going out in winter’

Winter is a dangerous time for the elderly. This is because when the temperature drops and the cold wind blows, the risk of cold diseases and falls increases. In particular, the elderly suffering from chronic diseases should be careful as complications can occur if they are suddenly exposed to cold air. Winter is a particularly … Read more

Hendrik Streeck on heart disease: “The acute myocardial infarction comes suddenly”

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High school female teacher online teaching “bullied to death by students” daughter tells the truth | INTERNATIONAL | CTWANT

A history teacher in China was verbally bullied by students in class. (Picture / Retrieved from Weibo) The female teacher surnamed Liu from the No. 3 Middle School in Xinzheng City, Henan, China, was verbally abused and bullied by students while teaching online a few days ago. Two days later, she was found dead at … Read more

‘Secondhand smoke’, which drinks more poisonous sidestream smoke, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease

Secondhand smoke is when a non-smoker inhales the smoke of a smoker. Also called involuntary smoking, it is considered one of the direct causes of lung cancer in nonsmokers. Secondhand smoke is just as harmful as direct smokingㅣSource: Getty Imagesbank It is estimated that over 100,000 chemical substances are contained in cigarette smoke, and it … Read more

Male star died of myocardial infarction in the car… At the age of 51

Chen Jianxiong, a veteran actor in mainland China, has made his debut for many years and has performed in many stage plays and plays. He is the head of the Guangzhou Crosstalk Art Troupe. His outstanding performance has also been officially certified by the mainland as a national first-class actor. Unexpectedly, it was reported on … Read more

Vucetich’s medical report after leaving by ambulance

Victor Manuel Vucetichtechnician of scratched, was withdrawn from the training of the regios by ambulance this Monday, September 19. The club released the medical report of “King Midas”, after different rumors that circulated on social networks. Vucetich he was transferred to the hospital, after his pressure was lowered and it was by mere protocol. Some … Read more