Boiled Eggs vs Fried Eggs: Which is Better for Weight Control and Nutrition?

2023-12-10 15:04:13 If you are conscious of weight control, boiled eggs are better because they are relatively low in calories and fat. Entered 2023.12.09 19:14 Views 15,241 Entered 2023.12.09 19:14 Modified 2023.12.09 20:25 Views 15,241 There is no significant difference in protein between fried eggs and boiled eggs, but there are differences in calories and … Read more

Healthy Bibimbap: Nutrient-Rich Ingredients and Tips for Health-Conscious Eating

2023-12-09 17:56:33 Various vegetables high in antioxidants, perilla oil, eggs… should be made less salty and spicy. Entered 2023.12.08 16:20 Views 11,007 Entered 2023.12.08 16:20 Modified 2023.12.08 17:18 Views 11,007 Bibimbap with various vegetables, perilla oil, and fried eggs is a healthy food that is delicious and rich in nutrients. [사진=게티이미지뱅크] Bibimbap looks ‘healthy’ just … Read more

Optimizing Your Diet: The Impact of Food Combinations on Nutrient Absorption and Vascular Health

2023-12-05 08:10:46 If you eat eggs with soy milk… the trypsin component in soybeans reduces the nutrients in eggs. Entered 2023.12.05 17:10 Views 13 Entered 2023.12.05 17:10 Modified 2023.12.05 17:05 Views 13 Nuts are beneficial to blood vessel health and help prevent hyperlipidemia and heart disease. However, overeating should be avoided. [사진=클립아트코리아] There are probably … Read more

Preventing Hyperlipidemia: Diet, Exercise, and Lifestyle Changes to Improve Blood and Cardiovascular Health

2023-11-24 07:11:23 Hyperlipidemia is closely related to obesity… Caused by excessive fat-carbohydrate intake, drinking, and lack of exercise Entered 2023.11.24 16:10 Views 730 Entered 2023.11.24 16:10 Modified 2023.11.24 17:05 Views 730 For blood health, you should also reduce the intake of bread and cakes containing a lot of butter, margarine, and sugar. [사진=클립아트코리아] Hyperlipidemia is … Read more

The Health Benefits of Peanuts: Rich in Unsaturated Fatty Acids for Blood Vessel Health

2023-11-05 08:32:22 Rich in unsaturated fatty acids that are beneficial to blood vessels… Reduces neutral fat and ‘bad’ cholesterol Entered 2023.11.05 17:31 Views 5,601 Entered 2023.11.05 17:31 Modified 2023.11.05 17:42 Views 5,601 Peanuts are prone to rancidity, so it is safe to keep them refrigerated and frozen and then take them out little by little. … Read more

Understanding the Impact of Large Daily Temperature Range on Arrhythmia Disease: A Comprehensive Guide

2023-11-05 01:01:16 Large daily temperature range affects the occurrence and worsening of arrhythmia disease Entered 2023.11.05 10:00 Views 0 Entered 2023.11.05 10:00 Modified 2023.11.03 17:16 Views 0 Arrhythmia is a disease that causes heart rhythm problems due to poor electrical stimulation of the heart or poor transmission of impulses. [사진= 게티이미지뱅크]The weather is going on … Read more

HIV and Cardiovascular Disease: Statin Medications for Prevention

2023-10-29 02:04:26 Money Today Reporter Lee Chang-seop | 2023.10.29 11:04 People infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, can now live until the age of 80 As life expectancy increases, the threat of cardiovascular disease… Effects of statin drugs Attention is paid to two-drug therapy with fewer drug ingredients… “Side effects will be reduced” … Read more

Hyperlipidemia Drug ‘Stein’ Shows 96% Treatment Effectiveness for Severe Cases of COVID-19, While Vitamin C Proven Ineffective and Harmful

2023-10-27 04:37:30 In severe case of COVID-19… Vitamin C is ineffective or harmful VS Hyperlipidemia drug ‘Stein’, 96% treatment effect Entered 2023.10.27 13:10 Views 1,108 Entered 2023.10.27 13:10 Modified 2023.10.27 16:03 Views 1,108 It was found that even very high concentrations of vitamin C were not helpful in treating COVID-19. On the contrary, it can … Read more