Boiled Eggs vs Fried Eggs: Which is Better for Weight Control and Nutrition?

2023-12-10 15:04:13

If you are conscious of weight control, boiled eggs are better because they are relatively low in calories and fat.

Entered 2023.12.09 19:14 Views 15,241 Entered 2023.12.09 19:14 Modified 2023.12.09 20:25 Views 15,241 There is no significant difference in protein between fried eggs and boiled eggs, but there are differences in calories and fat. This is because frying uses oil. [사진=게티이미지뱅크]

The first habit to start a ‘healthy’ morning is to start with drinking water. And it’s a good idea to stretch even for a moment. You will feel that your body’s metabolism, which was sluggish while you sleep, will increase and blood circulation will improve. Next is a full-fledged breakfast. Is there any food that is easy to prepare and nutritious on busy mornings?

Boiled Eggs vs Fries… Protein is similar, why is there a difference in calories and fat?

It feels like eating eggs for breakfast has become a daily routine. The only choice is whether to peel and eat the eggs boiled the day before or to fry them. Boiled eggs are probably the best when it comes to saving time. So, is there a difference in protein content?

Looking at the National Standard Food Ingredients Table (per 100g), there is no significant difference in protein between fried eggs and boiled eggs, but there are differences in calories and fat. This is because frying uses oil. The calories are 145 kcal for boiled food and 206 kcal for fried food. Fat is 8.69g when boiled and 13.46g when fried. Protein, the most important ingredient, is slightly higher at 13.49 g for boiled eggs and 15.12 g for fried eggs. If you are conscious of weight control, it is better to eat boiled eggs, which are relatively low in calories and fat.

Animal protein with good absorption rate… It also has brain activity and eye protection properties.

The good thing about the protein in eggs is that it is quickly absorbed by the body. Animal protein has a better absorption rate than vegetable protein such as soybeans. Eggs are rich in essential amino acids that must be consumed through food, which helps maintain muscles. It also contains a lot of lutein and zeaxanthin, which protect the retina of the eye. Choline, which helps brain activity, cannot be left out. Helps maintain learning and memory skills of people who use their brain a lot. Eating eggs for breakfast makes you feel full longer, which helps prevent overeating at lunch.

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Nuts lower ‘bad’ cholesterol… Egg and protein synergy effect

These days, the number of people eating nuts for breakfast is increasing. It is also high in protein, so it can create a synergistic effect with eggs. According to data from the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, eating nuts regularly lowers the level of ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL) in the blood, contributing to the prevention and alleviation of hyperlipidemia. Data from the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences also shows that nuts reduce triglycerides and blood cholesterol, which increase the risk of vascular disease. Eating in moderation without overeating can also help prevent vascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis (hardening of blood vessels) and stroke (cerebral infarction – cerebral hemorrhage).

You should also eat foods with vitamin C, such as vegetables… Tangerines, green vegetables, etc.

Vegetables and fruits are essential in the morning. Eggs are rich in various nutrients, but they lack vitamin C, which boosts immunity and slows down cell oxidation. To maintain nutritional balance in your body, you should also eat vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C. Green peppers, kiwi, broccoli, spinach, tangerines, green vegetables, etc. are high in vitamin C, but they are expensive these days. The price of apples, which are often eaten in the morning, is ‘golden apples.’ If this is not possible, it is better to supplement nutrients such as dietary fiber with other vegetables.

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