Understanding HIV in Venezuela: Awareness, Treatment, and Education

2023-12-06 01:12:37 The president of the non-governmental organization (NGO) Acción Solidaria, Feliciano Reyna, assured that in Venezuela, only 4 out of 10 people (60%) of the population infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) know that they have the disease. In an interview with Radio Fe y Alegría, Reyna indicated that in the country there … Read more

No additional doses, preventive treatment against bronchiolitis a victim of its success

2023-12-06 05:07:36 No need to go around pharmacies with your Beyfortus prescription. Less than three months after its launch, this preventive treatment for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), the main cause of bronchiolitis in toddlers, is nowhere to be found, a victim of its success. No longer a pharmacy has any in its drawers, while the … Read more

The first vaccine about to be authorized in Europe

2023-11-29 17:21:09 A significant step forward for Valneva and hope for reducing the progression of the disease. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has technically validated the application for marketing authorization for a vaccine against chikungunya, announces the Franco-Austrian manufacturer Valneva, whose headquarters is based in Saint-Herblain, near Nantes. This preventive vaccine, the first in the … Read more

Living with HIV: A Personal Story of Concealment and Persistence

2023-11-24 12:45:25 Usolsk resident has been hiding his HIV status for 18 years: “I’m lying that I was infected through sexual contact” The man hides his status from most people; only his wife and mother know about the disease Alexey Ivanov (name and surname changed at the request of the hero of the story) was … Read more

The Threat of HV.1: New COVID-19 Sub-Variant Spreading Rapidly – Risk Assessment and Germany’s Response

2023-11-24 11:59:58 After JN.1, another variant of the coronavirus is spreading rapidly: HV.1. How scientists assess the risk and what applies to Germany. Most recently, the Corona variant Omicron and its subtypes dominated the infection process worldwide. A new sub-variant is now spreading rapidly in the USA. What is known so far about HV.1. New … Read more

Mysterious Respiratory Illness in Dogs: Symptoms, Origin, and Protection Tips

2023-11-24 10:34:41 Veterinarians in several states in the United States are reporting seeing dogs with a mysterious respiratory illness. A disease that responds poorly to conventional treatments and has proven fatal in some cases. They still don’t know its origin. This will also interest you [EN VIDÉO] A new coronavirus from dogs capable of infecting … Read more