Improving Health and Wellness: Managing Lymphoma with Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

2023-09-19 05:00:22 In recent years, the living habits of many of my friends have changed. In addition to going to work, they like to stay at home more in their spare time. Take a break at home, grab something to eat, and relax. Of course, his figure also improved step by step. As a result, … Read more

Can a Severe Cough Trigger a Diaphragmatic Hernia? Discover the Connection in This Article

2023-08-01 13:38:31 Can a severe cough trigger a diaphragmatic hernia? And conversely, can a diaphragmatic hernia cause a cough? You will find out in this article. The most important things at a glance A diaphragmatic hernia (hiatus hernia) occurs when part of the stomach protrudes from the abdomen into the chest through a gap in … Read more

Comprehensive Training on COPD: Symptoms, Treatment, and Management

2023-07-29 22:02:59 Shortness of breath, coughing and sputum are typical symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD. In our certified training you will learn everything you need to know about this lung disease. from Dr. Claudia Bruhn30.07.2023 © Photo: [M] IvelinRadkov / Getty Images / iStock COPD is a chronic and progressive lung disease with … Read more

The Power of Lobules: Unlocking the Health Benefits of Perilla Leaves

2023-07-16 22:47:32 Dongha Han, Doctor of Oriental Medicine (Director, Dongha Han Oriental Medicine Clinic) There are many plants (medicinal herbs) that look similar to perilla leaves. Because they look similar, they taste and smell the same. One of them is ‘Soyeop (Perilla)’. Today, we will look at the efficacy of lobules. Lobular is a variant … Read more

How Drinking Water Can Indicate Potential Health Issues: Recognizing Symptoms and Risks

2023-07-13 09:04:29 [Voice of Hope July 13, 2023](Editor: Li Wenhan) The origin and gestation of life cannot be separated from water. Drinking water may seem ordinary, but in fact it can not only meet the needs of the human body for survival, but also imply the health of the body in turn. For example, if … Read more

Improving Children’s Appetite and Digestive Health: Tips from a Registered Chinese Medicine Doctor

2023-06-19 01:59:30 Many parents find that their children have a poor appetite, have difficulty defecating, distended stomachs, restless sleep, etc., and may suffer from “infant food accumulation”. According to a registered Chinese medicine doctor, children who develop food accumulation usually have six major symptoms: heavy breath, thick tongue coating, poor stool or fart, abdominal fullness, … Read more